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  1. aescalle

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    You crazy or what!? We told you to not share the link here. Do you want to be banned guy?
  2. aescalle

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    It is a mistake from him. The agrement with the bostonian musicians makes the "On demand" process impossible And I don't think that even Youtube will allowed to share it. The file will be suppress for legal reclamations. It will be different, if your file is a Bootleg Audience Video/Audio Recording, which is allowed on Youtube.
  3. aescalle

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    I am not the moderators, But I think that the answer is no. It was not a "Public On Demand broadcast", so you can record but it is for private use only. But It is legaly forbidden to share it on forums. And it is against the rules of this forum.
  4. aescalle

    Princess Leia Theme's inspiration?

    Can't see any connections even on the writing or concerning the arrangements. I am agree with Steve McQueen about the connection with the Miserables. If the Carrie Theme is focusing on the virginal state of the character and the childhood reminiscense, The Princess Leia theme is using a more complex structure which is axing on maturity and romance... more passion in it. Donaggio uses some rather simplistic piano chords, and yes there is a flute but it's for me the only thing that makes connection. Just a solo flute. nothing else.
  5. “JOHN WILLIAMS’ FILM NIGHT” August 11, 2018, Boston, MA The Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andris Nelsons and JOHN WILLIAMS CONCERT PROGRAM Andris Nelsons conducting •Theme from The Sea Hawk (Korngold) •Suite from A Place in the Sun (Waxman) •Excerpts from Psycho (Herrmann) •Theme from North by Northwest (Herrmann) •Theme from Laura (Raskin) •Excerpts from Sunset Boulevard (Waxman) •Suite from On the Waterfront (Bernstein) (celebrating the centennial of Leonard Bernstein’s birth) INTERMISSION John Williams conducting •Superman March •Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind •Call of the Champions (*) •Dry Your Tears, Afrika, from Amistad (*) •Four selections from Star Wars Duel of the Fates from The Phantom Menace (*) The Rebellion is Reborn from The Last Jedi Han Solo and the Princess from The Empire Strikes Back Main Title (*) Featuring the Boston University Tanglewood Institute Young Artists Chorus
  6. Hahaha, yes, with each broadcast the medical caritative message in the intermission... Always surprise me, it became like a new rendez-vous point on a new medical case It takes you out of the moud for one minutes
  7. Yes I also was amazed by the chorus, and rediscovered the "Marion Theme", "Han Solo and the Princess" more energy and quick tempo than other past renditions. No?
  8. Or it is maybe like on the first notes from Jaws ... Also each time the audience is laughing
  9. The Han Solo and the Princess rendition last night from Tanglewood was incredible!
  10. Recorded but I had an internet cut on the Bernard Hermann piece
  11. hahaha I've just sleeped for one hour before the clock awake me! I am completly broken!!!
  12. with JDownloader and a coffee cup 😉 1:34Am by now It is concert time 2:00am in Europe