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  1. Is someone will try to record it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Williams' Film Night Tribute with the Boston Pops https://www.classicalwcrb.org/post/john-williams-film-night-tribute-boston-pops#stream/0 Sunday night at 7 on WCRB In Concert with the Boston Pops, it's a celebration of the legendary film composer, with selections from his iconic movie scores. Sunday, June 23, 2019 - 7:00 PM Recorded May 31, 2019 at Symphony Hall This week on WCRB In Concert with the Boston Pops, Keith Lockhart leads a program devoted to music by the legendary John Williams, with selections that range from the sheer terror of Jaws to the transportive magic of Star Wars and Harry Potter! Boston Pops, Keith Lockhart, conductor --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope to succeed to record the live stream through Audacity and JDownloader.
  2. Again a quite bad movie with a wonderful score... Many reminiscences of future scores in the composition. After several listenings of this Intrada Edition, this new expanded edition is very significant, despite a main theme a little too repeated along the tracks. The sound quality of the mix makes you rediscover the music and unreleased tracks are really an important complement that brings a lot of flavor to the score. Very happy to be able to complete the golden period of JW. What will be the next release: - Earthquake? - The Eiger Sanction? - The River? - Born on The 4th of July? - Always? Cheers
  3. Hi, Is some of you as information on the Region Coding of the Bluray? Thank you
  4. Just ordered the German edition of the DVD version (including the same bonus as the Bluray).
  5. "Merry Christmas" Stefancos & everybody! 😀
  6. Out of subject but, it is For Bespin, French speakers and others ones... "Merry Christmass" "Joyeux Noel"
  7. I just have a question... Maybe out of subject 😉 : Is there a place to find "all" or "some" of the Williams scores' comparison spreadsheet? Thanks
  8. The package was in my mailbox in the early morning... That means I left the vampire sleeping outside last night!!! 😱
  9. Take your time and read all the dedicated post friend...
  10. Same for me with the last "The Cowboy" Deluxe Edition.
  11. The Vampire is arrived today in Paris Charles De Gaulle aiport... Can't wait to recieve it! Can expect it home for tuesday or wenesday, maybe. 😜
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