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  1. I just have a question... Maybe out of subject 😉 : Is there a place to find "all" or "some" of the Williams scores' comparison spreadsheet? Thanks
  2. The package was in my mailbox in the early morning... That means I left the vampire sleeping outside last night!!! 😱
  3. Take your time and read all the dedicated post friend...
  4. Same for me with the last "The Cowboy" Deluxe Edition.
  5. The Vampire is arrived today in Paris Charles De Gaulle aiport... Can't wait to recieve it! Can expect it home for tuesday or wenesday, maybe. 😜
  6. Fulfilled and in transit to France! 😍
  7. My dog hates Complete scores to! 😫
  8. aescalle

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Anyway thank you for your work!
  9. Thor & Eric ... Are the lucky ones
  10. After this surprising great release we can now expect some more other lost "from the dead" pieces or others missing burned scores. 😱
  11. So, by now, Eric from Cinematic Soundtrack Radio, is the only one who has listen and touch the Complete CD of the Varese Dracula score?
  12. aescalle

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    Oh "F...K", My "thinked" post was "You've already got an Husband man!" Sorry I was writing quicker than my brain process! 😫