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  1. Hi, This is a new cover I made for the second rendition of "Highwood's Ghost" Hope you'll enjoy!
  2. So tonight is the final recording night... I hope that the Ghost will let me record him ...With no internet connection problem this time!!!😜
  3. Hello everyone, I wanted to show you and share the covers I made: For "A Premiere with Yo-Yo Ma" complete concert: For "Highwood's Ghost" only: Hope you will enjoy it Best From France
  4. I am damned the internet connection stopped just at the start of the piece of williams I missed the very begining of the piece 😢
  5. I will and I will not be alone, so we will have several possibility to get the concert.
  6. Yes that is a pity. I really hope that one day (very soon) will will have the pleasure to listen the "Adagio for the Force Awakens" and the complete program of "Tanglewood on Parade". WCRB radio pleeaase!
  7. aescalle

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    You crazy or what!? We told you to not share the link here. Do you want to be banned guy?