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  1. https://web.archive.org/web/20100715222353/http://magicboxmusic.com/virtualresume/details.php?id=HPTSS&popup=y
  2. Huh. When I rewatched the film the other month (on blu), I swear I didn't hear it. Weird.
  3. I think the overlay is a bit over the top too, and I think Spielberg was wise to not use it in the film. It's fun on its own as kind of an spruced up album experience though. Like I'd put that version on a compilation of Williams action tracks.
  4. The drum kit and electronics overlay wasn't in the film itself, so I'm glad its not the version used in the main program. And the bonus track version has more to it than meets the eye!
  5. To all of you who are noticing a big improvement from OST to LLL for this release, did you notice a similar difference with A.I. Artificial Intelligence too, or no?
  6. BTW how sweet is that segue from Don't Run John into Anderton's Escape in the Anderton Escapes sample?
  7. Makes total sense yes. The session leak was too dry and super compressed, the OST was mastered kinda weird, the new mix is perfect
  8. People have posted stories before of picking things up at their office on release day ( @Gruesome Son of a Bitch did it with the JP box set IIRC) but I don't know if it's necessarily always an option or anything. I've been to their office a handful of times, but never on a new release day
  9. You know what's funny, when I first told Mike how amazing I thought it sounded, he was very modest and tried to downplay that he had done much. I'm glad you all agree with me that it sounds way better!
  10. I'm glad it says "NOW SHIPPING" and not "SHIPPING WEEK OF___" People who live nearby could go get it at their office in Burbank today, I imagine. Even those of us on the East Coast should have it by Monday
  11. I'm glad Williams was a proponent of running analog tapes as the industry was transitioning into the digital age. Some scores weren't as lucky and are locked forever at non-optimal bit rates. Like Back To The Future 2 I believe is something like 24/48 or 24/44.1, even the Lord of the Rings scores are locked forever at 24/48. Every time any HP1 music appeared any where else, commercials, theme parks, etc, it was always those 2001 44.1khz masters until Mike finally made high res versions available as a result of the LLL set. For reference any score recorded these days is recorded at either 24bit or 32bit, and either 96khz, 192khz, or even 384khz!
  12. While the main liner notes are by Jeff Bond, there is a "technical note" page written by Mike that explains the process Like Harry Potter 1, the score was recorded simultaneously to digital and analog, but the digital was only at 44.1khz. So also like Harry Potter 1, he had the analog tapes pulled and used fresh transfers of those. Everything is sourced from that, all performance edits re-created by him, all sequenced and mastered by him in 24/192.
  13. Don't think I've ever seen a soundtrack splash page with a disembodied eye in it before :p
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