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  1. If you ordered "The Land Of The Giants" in the same order, then your order was delayed because The Land of The Giants didn't come in in time. Same as if you ordered it in the same order as anything else that may be currently awaiting stock. if you ordered it by itself, or only with titles that are shipping, then it likely has shipped by now, but your order status for whatever reason never got updated. If you try using the "contact us" page on their website again, you'll probably get a response within a reasonable amount of time. They sold out of every copy they initially pressed pretty quickly, though they are expecting more stock in this week: https://www.varesesarabande.com/products/dracula-the-deluxe-edition
  2. Jay

    Favorite score per year

    I have only heard bad things about that one Maybe I'll never listen to it, so I only know him for his great scores!
  3. I think you're a bit mixed up here. The 10 minute track in the main program contains 3 cues - 6M7 Reviewing The Recent Past (which had been released on the OST as its own track called "Forward To Time Past"), then 7M1 Viewing The Recent Past (previously unreleased, and nowhere else in the set), and then 7M1A Saving Buckbeak with the New Bats ending, which is the ending heard in the film, and, IMO, the much better ending, that is certainly the one you'd want in the main program. The BONUS track called "Saving Buckbeak (Alternate Segment)" is 4 minutes long, and contains only 7M1A Saving Buckbeak, without the ticking clock noise, and with the alternate ending that had been used on the OST. On the OST, the track called "Saving Buckbeack" was actually a combination of an earlier cue (5M8 Buckbeak Is Sentenced, which is "The Sentence" on the new set) as well as 7M1A Saving Buckbeak, but as stated the LLL bonus track is JUST 7M1A, it doesn't have Buckbeak Is Sentenced attached again.
  4. There is no scenario in which LLL won't be sending you a replacement disc. This is a routine procedure for every specialty label in the business.
  5. Yea I wanted to watch it, but my wife had given up mid-way through season 1, so I had to find solo free time to watch it, which is hard to find these days as I spent most of it working on HP this year
  6. I DID suggest contacting them. Here is my post in case you missed it: Again, please read my posts before insulting me again. Thank you.
  7. I am absolutely not, in any way shape or form, as I already posted above. Please read my posts before accusing me of anything else again. Thank you. This.
  8. Great question. AFAIK it's just all one take but I never specifically asked about it
  9. Jay

    Favorite score per year

    I like every Laurent Perez Del mar score I've heard! Admittedly, I've stuck to his big animated fantasy scores; I haven't checked out stuff like Anti-Gang or I Kill Giants yet.
  10. I don't work for La-La Land Records and have never spoken for them in any official or unofficial capacity.
  11. You upload it to a image hosting site, then include a link to it in the text box.