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  1. Jay

    Spielberg announces Halo TV series

    Spielberg moves slow, Disney moves fast
  2. Jay

    Upcoming Television Shows

    Wow - I literally have never heard of any of those people or shows before!
  3. Jay


    I know, I literally said that in my post.
  4. Jay


    Yea, as one of the few non-Royal characters left hanging around, it's unclear what his ultimate purpose for the show is really gonna be. The whole thing where Cersei supposedly hires him to kill Jaime and Tyrion doesn't make a lot of sense to me though. I mean, throughout the seasons, he's gotten pretty dang close to Jaime, risking his life to save him from Daenerys' dragon fire blast by the lake, etc. Does Cersei truly believe he'll actually now just kill him for money after everything? OR... is she just trying to get him OUT of King's Landing? That could explain why she actually paid him up front, instead of only after the service is rendered. OR........Is there a big misdirect coming, and the White Walkers will attack King's Landing FIRST, and the writers wanted him to survive the attack? Another thing a bit odd was that it was Qyburn who had the scene with Bronn and not Cersei herself. Now obviously, it could be the usual thing where the Bronn and Cersei actors refuse to be in a scene together. BUT, what if Cersei isn't behind this at all, and getting him out of King's Landing was entirely Qyburn's own doing? Unfortunately, I don't have a clue what his motivation would be if that's the case.
  5. Jay

    Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

    The OST album is a bit silly with all the sound effects, I'd enjoy a presentation of just Williams' score. I have no clue if Universal even has anything in their vaults for it or not though. Possibly, Universal Music might have album master elements with and without sound effects, perhaps. I know they had 1941's dialogue on a separate element from the rest of the music.
  6. Jay

    The Joe Kraemer Thread

    It's on spotify now too https://open.spotify.com/album/4Mp48I6RwdN94ZeMCFII58?si=ONaYLA32TxatjyHlwMTpnQ
  7. Jay


    Since we started watching VEEP this year I get this joke!
  8. Sanctuary featured a scene where everyone plays golf in the holodeck that was cut from broadcast. Sorry, "Environmental Simulator"
  9. The Jungle Book by Poledouris would be nice but the OST was 48 minutes
  10. Roger has posted before that 0,1,2 is early, 4,5,6 is mid, and 7,8,9 is late. I don't remember where he slotted 3. No one considers 1997 as part of the mid 90s instead of the late 90s.
  11. What are you talking about? 90,91,92 = early 93,94,95,96 = mid 97,98,99 = late or 90,91,92,93 = early 94,95,96 = mid 97,98,99 = late There is no other option. When you split 10 items into thirds, one of them is gonna have 4 and the other two 3, but you're not going to have one with only 2!
  12. 1997 is late 90s, not mid 90s Plus, the OST was 45 minutes long, and Roger didn't say it's a 2CD.
  13. Well it's probably Iron Will by Joel McNeely since he was on Roger's list of composers for the year, and the OST was only 30 minutes long. Conti and Edelman were also on his list, but Bushwacked never had an OST, and The Quest OST was over 40 minutes long (and Roger doesn't say the new edition is a 2CD)