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  1. Jay

    James Bond #25

    Bond 25 Release Date Pushed Back To Easter 2020
  2. I don't think there are too many scores that Sony Music got the rights to and then declined releasing it in other countries too
  3. Amazon is having a decent sale: three 4K Ultra HD BDs for $40 (basically $13.33 each) https://www.amazon.com/gp/promotion/A2H3HMC60W2NC8?tag=slicinc-20&ascsubtag=514cdf74323c11e9a7129298aa0449350INT Lots of titles to pick from including many they normally sell for $25
  4. I feel the frustration when it comes to international shipping. It's gotten ridiculous. On this side of the equation, all we can do is get the projects done and make sure that a masterpiece like this is preserved, made available, and presented as best as we can. I'll leave it others to comment on the quality of the sound on inexpensive equipment or otherwise, but honestly there is nowhere to go from here for the 50th or at any later time other than a high resolution release. There's no infrastructure in place for that at the moment because it involves two unrelated corporate entities, hence the flourishing of third party labels. At this moment in time, licenses are granted to those third party labels for physical compact disc product. And further note that with this studio it is the label who pays for the shipping in of the boxes and all the transfers as well as the mastering work, etc. Like buying a new car, sometimes you have to just accept that the money isn't there right now. Maybe it will be in the future, and at least with this score it's popular enough to expect that it will always in print. With the good fortune of it being a UK recording, it's something that La-La Land (especially knowing MV's feelings about it) will want to keep in their catalog as long as possible. On the other hand, life is short and if you are passionate about something, that can sometimes take precedence over financial factors, especially when you want to be supportive of those who work to make available those things you are passionate about. There is no shame in a decision either way, but no one can really make it for you. Mike M. https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=134366&forumID=1
  5. I suppose it would be impossible for a US label, but maybe possible for a foreign one like Quartet or Music Box?
  6. In the US, Sony Music released the OST and has the rights. Internationally, Decca released the OST and has the rights.
  7. It is my understanding that the 35mm element they had before is still considering "first gen" even though it's technically a dub of the original 2" element. Something like that.
  8. Jay

    Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

    Which cut of Nixon is better?
  9. Mike certainly COULD use these elements to build a new isolated score track, but clearly Warner Brothers didn't ask him to because the 40th anniversary Blu Ray / 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray that came out last year doesn't have one.
  10. I updated my existing Superman spreadsheet, don't hold it against me if I made any mistakes cause I did this quickly and won't be able to fix anything for a while https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SkAOjZN-WOO03rsafaw4nOo2rFALx7E0DVj5-ky7Zmw/edit?usp=sharing
  11. There's literally no better elements that exist on earth that could be used besides these ones. This is it.
  12. I really liked in the JAWS liner notes, Mike was given space to write about his experience working with the old masters and what he did with them. I hope he has written something similar for these liner notes. (I haven't seen them yet - I wasn't asked to proof read them, so don't blame any typos on me!)
  13. Ooops, I mixed up The Planet Krypton and The Fortress of Solitude in my head. My bad.