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  1. Well, I think it's clear he didn't decide to direct another movie because he saw the writing on the wall about Trevorrow and Episode 9.
  2. Yup! I finished listening this morning, it all sounds fantastic! The demos are an interesting curiosity but not something I'll listen to over and over again, same with the alternates. The session speech is nice, especially since its both JNH and Costner talking. Grieving's liner notes are good, too! They don't really study the score, but cover the production of the film and some aspects of how the score came to be. I never would have known that the sample libraries used to make the demo and color some of the cues was a gift from Zimmer, that was neat. Overall, a truly awesome release, one of the very best of 2017!
  3. Huh. I saw that on Amazon a few days ago and didn't think to post about it.
  4. The Official South Park Thread

    New episode tonight
  5. Video Game Thread II

    THIS THIS 10000000000000X THIS!!!
  6. Yep https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KSOOSZ6/
  7. I think so too. With the film referencing so many 80s things, the score will probably be retro too
  8. Video Game Thread II

    Exactly the 3 titles I would have guessed!
  9. Video Game Thread II

    I don't think KM was responding to the post about Steamworld Dig, rather the one about Mario Odyssey. Maybe Mario Odyssey is one of the 3 Switch games he wants to play.
  10. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    That's the thing, I wouldn't even call the show a comedy after seeing it. It's really just a drama where the characters wisecrack often.
  11. Video Game Thread II

    Nintendo has never pushed the boundaries of graphical advances, they just make good games and have spectacular art design. If you care more about tetraflops and whatever else then yea, its not for you.
  12. Video Game Thread II

    Thanks for your valuable contribution to this thread.
  13. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    We watched the first episode. I didn't really liked it. I thought it was a half-hour comedy and was surprised it was an hour-long show. That didn't really do it any favors, many scenes dragged out way too long like they were filling time. I was also expecting it to lean really heavy into absurdity and parody and satire, but it really didn't at all. It was not even really a parody of Star Trek or an homage to Star Trek: It basically IS Star Trek, just with dirty language, dick and fart jokes. I didn't laugh out loud once, maybe had a few minor chuckles, that's it. No one in the cast impressed me. I don't remember the original score. Special effects were somewhere between purposely bad and maybe were trying to be good but ended up bad? I dunno. Is the second episode any better?