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  1. Jay


    Absolutely one of the best One of my favorite scenes between all of BB and BCS. I wouldn't describe it as her losing her shit though, she was completely in control.
  2. I honestly have no problem with catalog releases replicating the OST album, especially when it doesn't increase the price. I'm super glad to have the OSTs of Jaws 2, ET, Poltergeist, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, etc in their expansions.
  3. The Superman OST double LP from 1978 is made up entirely of film cues, and it would be all the same takes since they would have used the same process as Star Wars and CE3K back then where the first gen tapes were literally cut to make the selected take assemblies. But isn't there something different about one of the Krypton cues that isn't heard on the Rhino or FSM editions? I don't remember now. Also the OST is the whole reason we have the Theme From Superman "concert arrangement". I put "concert arrangement" in quotes because it only became one after the fact. For the OST they just combined the opening of the early unused prologue cue with end credits cue (which had replaced the intended main title cue in the film) and called it "Theme from Superman" instead of something like "Prologue and Main Title". And a concert staple was born.
  4. The scene on the water planet is fantastic filmmaking
  5. Jay

    What are the sexiest soundtrack covers?

    Wait, you guys seriously didn't notice that the mrbellamy post was a photoshopped version of the real cover? Wow!
  6. Jay


    Oh yea that whole sequence was great. And he only tells Kim he got mugged, not that he was selling phones!
  7. Jay


    I don't remember what happened in which episode any more
  8. Well yes of course, I completely agree, and that's precisely what I meant. I guess it's a matter of semantics, we're both saying the same thing.
  9. No, because I know how digital recording works
  10. I'm happy to hear either live, but if I could hear only one I'd probably prefer HWW
  11. Not really. It's expensive to upgrade a recording studio for a plethora of reasons, but recording in 32/192 instead of 24/48 isn't one of those reasons.