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  1. Those would be posted to the thread for the score, not the thread for the film
  2. Hey Stu, got a chance to watch all 4 of your videos posted so far. They are great! TOYS from ET was really cool; Not just seeing that friendship theme slowly introduced as ET slowly approaches Elliot, but also I realized watching the scene without dialogue made me appreciate the set design (as well as the music). Loved the little goldfish swimming around in the bowl (and how whatever's in there looks like a TIE Fighter), BARRY'S KIDNAPPING FROM CE3K was FREAKING SWEET. Everytime that spooky choir came in it was timed to such a cool shot. Bloody hell this whole sequence is a mini-masterpiece of film and score. Awesome stuff. BTW, I dunno if you saw while you were away, but Mike Matessino revealed that Jillian is actually calling Roy on the phone and they shot Ronny answering but then changed it all in post-production. Trucking / Into the Tunnel / Crescendo Summit / Chasing UFOs from CE3K was awesome too, LOVE the weird choir here as well. Spielberg was right to not use Trucking in the end but how Williams scored it is pretty damn awesome to see. Great stuff. Roy and Gillian on the Road / The Mountain from CE3K - More good stuff, its like watching a silent movie, you don't need any sound effects or dialogue to understand every single thing happening. Cool stuff.
  3. Someone's been having fun on the internet https://www.tunefind.com/movie/avengers-infinity-war-2018
  4. First film I thought of when I saw the thread! Awesome thread, by the way. I could never possibly pick my #1 favorite shot of all time (I grow tired of ranking things anyway), but I love what the thread turned into instead: Just sharing a bunch of really cool shots. Thumbs up!
  5. I love when she goes "is some JUSTICE. Oh hi-y-yi-e-yi-yi!"
  6. Venom (2018 Sony movie)

    You state that as if it is a fact, when that is simply a completely unconfirmed rumor.
  7. I gotchu fam https://www.ebay.com/itm/382438754087
  8. Venom (2018 Sony movie)

    Good ole fashion Sony retcon!
  9. What made you wait 7 years to pick up Super 8, Inky?