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  1. John Williams has been in Massachusetts for weeks and is hosting a concert tomorrow night. Whoever said that is talking about some day in the past
  2. The Live to Projection concert uses the 1998 cut. The 40th anniversary theatrical re-release in theaters two years also used the 1998 cut.
  3. The world is sterile but his love for his dead child is the heart of the movie
  4. Another interesting piece of marketing!
  5. Yea I liked the pace of the whole movie. I don't think it's too long.
  6. I recently watched Minority Report too, after not having seen it since theaters and was kinda surprised by how much I liked it still (I liked it in 2002 very much as well). I really like the look and feel of the film, you kind of instantly sink into the world it sets up. Nice story too, with good acting, set design, special effects, and score!
  7. I've honestly never once been turned on by anything eyebrow related whatsoever If anything, it's a massive turnoffs when girls mess with them too much
  8. For the SW and IJ scores with the money of Disney behind them, Mike would be able to do whatever he wants and not have to worry about the things he has to when making a product funding by a boutique label with limited budget. And also for these scores the same entity owns the film music and the mechanical rights so that issue doesn't exist either
  9. If John Neal remixed entire film cues before they got edited and combed for the OST album, I hope a future expanded release contains the complete film score from the Tomlinson film mixes, followed by every cue he remixed for the OST as bonus tracks. If the film cues were edited into the album first and then he remixed that, the entire OST album should be included after the main program.
  10. Roger says http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8246
  11. That's Simone's wife sitting next to him at the piano! We had dinner along with @TownerFan outside Symphony Hall in Boston once!
  12. You're confusing the movie studio with the music label again.
  13. MV mentioned it as being in the works 3 1/2 years ago http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26196-the-towering-inferno-jfk-coming-from-lll/
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