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  1. Alex, Richard didn't say Alien 3 is the best Alien film, he said its his favorite. That's the entire point of his argument, if you actually read his post where he explains it.
  2. the mstrox thread

    Me too Richard, me too
  3. 16:9 = 16/9 = 1.777777777777777777777:1 1.85:1 films have letterbox bars on modern TVs too, Richard: just very small ones. Incidentally, 1.77777777777777:1 was chosen for the aspect ratio of modern TVs because it is literally exactly halfway between 4:3 (1.33333333333333:1) and 2.35:1.
  4. the mstrox thread

    Serra wrote all the music in the film including the opera, except a small bit of an existing pop piece during the police chase (Alech Taadi by Khaled) I think Chris Tucker is great in the film; His character is supposed to be annoying of course EDIT: Huh. IMDB tells me someone else wrote the opera music (Gaetano Donizetti). TIL.
  5. Modern TVs aren't 1.85:1, Richard, they are 1.77:1.
  6. the mstrox thread

    Troxie what did you think of the original score in The Fifth Element?
  7. You guys are killing me with those massive ebay links. All you need is ebay.com/itm/the auction ID Like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/202232205910 https://www.ebay.com/itm/152909426236
  8. Yea he's the bets in the biz, and I love that he does those behind the scenes articles!
  9. What does Emilia Clarke have to do with Mission Impossible 6?
  10. It will be here in a couple days https://www.kusc.org/series/kusc-interviews/
  11. the mstrox thread

    I'm hoping to play some video games this weekend, Troxie