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  1. Purchased via Nintendo's current digital sale for e3
  2. Jay

    The NINTENDO Thread

    Yea I think I have a 256gb in my Switch
  3. Jay

    The NINTENDO Thread

    I'd love to get and delve into that game, and will once I've gotten some other 80+ hour games off my plate
  4. I wish people were more polite and courteous towards each other on this forum instead of jumping down each other's throats for no reason
  5. Jay

    James Bond #25

    Official Bond photo shows Daniel Craig working out with leg cast
  6. Yea rescuing the grubs is fun and there's a sweet reward when you rescue them all. If you head due left from where you drop in from the town, you can find the grub father!
  7. Hey check out this great interview with Rhea Seehorn! https://www.vulture.com/amp/2019/06/rhea-seehorn-better-call-saul-veep.html
  8. There probably weren't any DTS theaters in Rhode Island at the time
  9. Mike Matessino did. He talks about it in the liner notes of the La-La Land collection of both scores.
  10. The nice thing about expanded releases is, they don't come into your house and take away your OSTs when you buy them
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