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Movie-Weekly have posted 9 pieces of music in celebration of JOHN WILLIAMS' 81st BIRTHDAY - Long live the maestro and his music!


DRACULA - The Love Scene

HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE - Prologue & Harry's Wondrous World.

HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE - Diagon Alley and the Gringotts Vault


SUPERMAN - Main Theme



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I wish a Happy Birthday to one of the greatest composer of all time and the greatest film composer ever:


81 years - it's a high old age but his music is young and fresh forever!

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Happy Birthday, Johnny.

Still crafting beautiful music at 81.


Happy Birthday John WIlliams :D:happybday:

Maurizio, where did you get the nice photo? Is there a higher res somewhere?

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Mari, where are you? ;)

Happy birthday, Maestro!

Hi Alan!

Sorry -- I've had a little thing called work rudely keeping me from celebrating your (and John Williams) birthdays. ;)

:happybday: Alan and JW

And, although I'm a few days early, Happy Birthday to Maurizio as well!


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Happy birthday Mr. Williams. You are an absolute living legend!! Can't wait to see you in Boston (and possibly Houston if I don't have any self-control)

On his 80th last year, I listened to one track from each of his scores in my collection. Being the uber John Williams fan that I am, I decided to repeat this again this year and its going to become an annual tradition now. My only rules is that there can be only 1 track per score and film scores only. A track with a suite of cues on compilation albums still counts as only 1 track.

The playlist I listened to yesterday is:

1966 - The Rare Breed - The Cross-Breed/End Credits
1969 - The Reivers - Main Title
1970 - Jane Eyre - Love Theme
1972 - The Cowboys - Overture
1972 - The Poseidon Adventure - Main Title
1973 - The Paper Chase - Love Theme
1974 - Conrack - Main Title
1974 - The Sugarland Express - Theme from Sugarland Express
1974 - The Towering Inferno - Main Title
1975 - The Eiger Sanction - Main Title
1975 - Jaws - Theme
1976 - Family Plot - End Titles
1976 - Midway - Main Title
1977 - Black Sunday - Suite: Fugue, Scherzo & Finale
1977 - Star Wars - The Throne Room/End Title
1977 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Close Encounters of the Third Kind Suite
1978 - Jaws 2 - End Title, End Cast
1978 - Superman - The Movie - Main Title
1978 - The Fury - Main Title
1979 - 1941 - March
1979 - Dracula - Main Theme & Storm Sequence
1980 - The Empire Strikes Back - The Rebel Fleet/End Title
1981 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - Desert Chase
1982 - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - End Credits
1983 - Return of the Jedi - Victory Celebration/End Title
1984 - The River - Main Theme/Love Theme
1984 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - End Credits
1987 - The Witches of Eastwick - Dance of the Witches
1987 - Empire of the Sun - Cadillac of the Skies
1989 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra
1989 - Born o­n the Fourth of July - Suite from Born on the Fourth of July
1990 - Presumed Innocent - End Titles
1990 - Home Alone - Mom Returns/Finale
1991 - JFK - Prologue
1991 - Hook - Flight to Neverland
1992 - Far and Away - Themes (from the 69-99 Greatest Hits album)
1993 - Jurassic Park - Journey to the Island
1993 - Schindler’s List - Theme from Schindler's List
1995 - Nixon - The 1960´s: The Turbulent Years
1997 - Rosewood - Look Down, Lord
1997 - The Lost World: Jurassic Park - The Lost World
1997 - Seven Years in Tibet - Seven Years in Tibet
1997 - Amistad - Dry Your Tears, Afrika
1998 - Saving Private Ryan - Hymn to the Fallen
1999 - Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace - End Credits
1999 - Angela’s Ashes - Theme from Angela's Ashes
2000 - The Patriot - The Patriot
2001 - A.I. Artificial Intelligence - The Reunion
2001 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone - Hedwig's Theme
2002 - Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones - Across the Stars
2002 - Minority Report - Spyders
2002 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Fawkes the Phoenix
2002 - Catch Me If You Can - The Float
2004 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - A Window to the Past
2004 - The Terminal - The Tale of Viktor Navorski
2005 - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Battle of the Heroes
2005 - War of the Worlds - The Intersection Scene
2005 - Memoirs of a Geisha - Sayuri's Theme and End Credits
2005 - Munich - End Credits
2008 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - The Jungle Chase (complete version)
2011 - The Adventures of Tintin - The Pursuit of the Falcon
2011 - War Horse - The Homecoming
2012 - Lincoln - The Peterson House and Finale

From 1966 - 2012, nearly 6 hours of bliss!

BTW...I'd forgotten how beautiful Jane Eyre is and how sugary the love theme to The Paper Chase is.

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That's a mighty playlist, dfenton :) thanks for sharing! I was considering something similar, but I decided to celebrate with a few things I hadn't heard yet. I had just received Spielberg Williams Collaboration in the mail, so I went for a walk and listened to that. Then in the evening I sat down and listened to ET for the first time ever.

This weekend I'm going to give the Oboe Concerto a listen, and see how many Star Wars scores I can fit in.

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I was so busy with my annual John Williams Film Festival that I forgot to get online and wish him a happy birthday!

Usually, the film festival consists of the original Star Wars trilogy, Fiddler on the Roof, Jaws, ET and Schindler's List (i.e. his Oscar-winning scores plus Empire and Jedi), but this year I mixed it up. I watched the trilogy, ET, Jaws, Sorcerer's Stone and Azkaban. And then when I thought I was done with the film festival, I discovered How To Steal a Million on Netflix. Fun movie, and amazing to hear the very early work of "Johnny Williams." You don't get a feeling that this man will become the John Williams, but everyone has to start somewhere!

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