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What is the Last Cue You Listened To?

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The People's House. I don't understand why this cue slipped under my radar. It touched me really deeply when Classic FM played it during Friday evening's intermission, especially the woodwind part at around 1:21. I don't know why it made such an impression, probably because of JW being in hospital, the amazing concert etc.

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57 minutes ago, KK said:


Lovely evocative cue that one. Little Buddha might be Sakamoto's finest film score. I think he said that he considers it his best film score. The Last Emperor is the one that comes close to me. I also like stuff like Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, but mostly just for the theme.


Do you have a favourite of the film scores you've written?

Sakamoto: The most memorable that I've written is from Little Buddha – the very last cue from Little Buddha. I was so satisfied with the quality of the music, with the role of the music in the film, and Bertolucci also liked it. That was actually the fifth trial I did for that cue. Four trials were rejected by Bertolucci, and that was the fifth one, it was a hard task – maybe that's why it was the most memorable! Recently, the theme of The Revenant is something I'm satisfied with, too.

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