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So another score that was on Lia's mp3 player is Tangled. I am downloading the complete score but I am not sure if there are vocal songs from the OST or not.  If there are does anyone know where to plug them into the score?

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Here's my go at Logan (Beltrami):


1) Main Title

14) Driving to Mexico [Logan tries to bargain for his boat while driving home]

4) Old Man Logan [Charles berates Logan; Logan forces his busted claw out and falls asleep]

2) Laura [Logan tells Charles that he'll be going away for a few days; he visits Gabriella and finds her body]

6) That's Not A Choo-choo

3) The Grim Reavers [one Reaver approaches Laura with handcuffs]

13) Feral Tween

8) El Limo-Nator

9) Gabriella's Video [Logan finishes the nurse's video; Laura wakes up and is mesmerized by the neon lights]

5) Alternate Route to Mexico [only the first few measures; captured Caliban watches Rice arrive]

11) Goodnight Moon [Charles confesses his ignorance to 'Logan']

12) Farm Aid [Logan bursts in and finds a clone of himself; he carries Charles's body to the truck]

10) Drive to Burial

16) Up to Eden

17) Beyond the Hills

18) Into the Woods

19) Forest Fight

20) Logan vs. X-24

21) Don't Be What They Made You


I'm not sure where 15) You Can't Break the Mould goes.


I believe these were the tracks recorded as "tests" to pitch to Mangold et al. and don't appear in the film itself, though sections of other cues derive from them:

7) X-24

22) Eternum - Laura's Theme

23) Logan's Limo

24) Loco Logan

25) Logan Drives

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Federico Jusid - Kidnap (2017)


OST01 Kidnap Chase

OST04 Back On Track

OST03 I'll Be Right Back To Get You

OST07 Never Let You Go

OST10 Field

OST06 Ten Thousand Dollars

OST02 Tell Her What To Do

OST08 Accident

OST09 Police Station

OST05 Chase Montage

OST11 Who's Dead?

OST12 Karla Enters The House

OST13 Karla Margo The Duel & Under Water

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Michael Giacchino



SHINING STAR-Earth, Wind & Fire

FEELS SO GOOD-Chuck Mangione



















I think this the order. I can't figure out where is GOING FOR BAROQUE.


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IT -Benjamin Wallfisch (2017)


Thanks go to Hybrid Soldier on for this.


Every 27 Years (2:36)
Paper Boat (1:55)
Georgie, Meet Pennywise (3:38)

Derry (0:20 to 1:02)
Derry (1:41 to end)
Derry (1:02 to 1:41)

Shape Shifter (1:42)

Derry (0:00 to 0:21)
Egg Boy (2:44)
River Chase (2:09)
Hockstetter Attack (2:15)

January Embers (0:00 to 0:25)
Haircut (0:00 to 0:51)

Beverly (1:20)
Derry History (2:48)
Come Join The Clown, Eds (1:20)

Haircut (0:51 to end) Tentative Title: Bloodbath
You'll Float Too (3:20)
January Embers (0:25 to end) Tentative Title: Bill And Beverly
Saving Mike (1:15)
This Is Not A Dream (2:08)
Slideshow (2:01)

He Didn't Stutter Once (0:31 to end) Tentative title: To Niebolt Street
He Didn't Stutter Once (0:00 to 0:31)

29 Neibolt Street (4:17)
Time To Float (3:04)
It's What It Wants (1:19)

You'll Die If You Try (0:51 to end)
You'll Die If You Try (0:00 to 0:51)

Return To Neibolt (2:31)
Into The Well (2:05)
Pennywise's Tower (1:48)
The Pennywise Dance (0:36)
Deadlights (2:04)
Searching For Stanley (2:28)
Saving Beverly (3:36)
Georgie Found (1:53)
Transformation (0:58)
Feed On Your Fear (2:34)
Welcome To The Losers Club (3:05)
Yellow Raincoat (1:43)
Blood Oath (3:11)
Kiss (0:54)
Every 27 Years (Reprise) (2:07)
Georgie's Theme (1:42)


Apparently there was over 100 cues written for this score!

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales -  Geoff Zanelli, Phill Boucher, Paul Mounsey, Steve Mazzarro, Anthony Willis & Zak McNeil (2017)


01. Dead Men Tell No Tales

02. Salazar

03. No Woman Has Ever Handled My Herschel Before

04. You Speak Of The Trident

05. The Devil's Triangle

06. Shansa [00:00-02:33]

07. Kill The Filthy Pirate, I'll Wait

08. The Dying Gull

09. Shansa [02:33 - End] Rename to The Trident Is Real

10. El Matador Del Mar

11. Kill The Sparrow

12. She Needs The Sea

13. The Brightest Star In The North [00:00-01:23]

14. I've Come With The Butcher's Bill

15. The Brightest Star In The North [01:23-End] Rename to The Map No Man Can Read

16. The Power Of The Sea

17. Treasure

18. My Name Is Barbossa

19. My Beloved Horizon

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On 28-10-2017 at 2:24 AM, TBO1711 said:

Does anyone know the Chronological order of Thor Ragnarok soundtrack


Running Short on Options Part 1/Hot Time (1:00-1:45)
Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant Song
Running Short on Options Part 2 (1:45-End)
Thor: Ragnarok
Weird Things Happen
Twilight of the Gods
Hela VS Asgard Part (0:00-1:00)(4:05-End)
Where am I?
Val's Ship Source (From the FYC)
The Vault (2:48-3:10)
Hela VS Asgard (1:00-1:10)(1:55-4:00)
Grandmaster’s Chambers
Grandmasters Jam/Hot Diddle Stuff
The Vault
No One Escapes
Arena Fight
Where is the Sword (0:00-1:12)(2:50-End)
What Heroes Do
Counterproductive Anger Release (FYC)


Weapon Rooms Source (FYC)

The Revolution Has Begun

Sakaar Chase
What Heroes Do
Devil’s Anus

Does your Dog Bite (0:00-0:35) (Taken from Andrew Kawczynski's soundcloud)

There is No Escape (2:20-2:30)
Twilight of the Gods (5:10-5:45, slowed down)

Does your Dog Bite (1:25-End)
Immigrants Song
Asgard Is a People (0:00-3:30)
The Vault (1:55-2:35)
Asgard is a People (3:40-End)
The Vault (3:10-3:45)
Where To?
Planet Sakaar
Grandmasters Jam
Ragnarok Suite

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The Vault doesnt have gaps in its initial appearance

Some tracks like it are just recycled for later scenes (Like What Heroes Do)

And in The Vault's case. The second segment is actually pasted in somewhere at around 3:30 of Asgard is a People (when Loki puts the thing in the thing) and actually replaces like 10 seconds of music.

The third segment shows up after Asgard is a People (when Hela and youknowho have their fight).


As for the other two tracks. I think some gaps just came into existence because scenes were cut or re-arranged.

(the soundtrack makes you believe we only see Thor in Sakaar after Hela fights all of Asgard, but they shuffled his 'where am I?' scene to appear earlier)

And the lead-up to the second part of Hela vs Asgard is replaced with some other music.

I am pretty sure the middle bit of 'where is the sword?' is just straight up unused (maybe there were more scenes of people running from Hela's forces?)


Heck, the version of 'does your dog bite' on the soundcloud has two parts edited out in the movie and replaced with different music

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After doing a lot of research and re-ordering my playlist countless times, here's, according to me, the best way to listen to the entire Titanic score. The source music is included in the main score and unused source cues replace tracked ones. I added explanatory notes to cue names where appropriate. If you want to follow this list, I'd suggest you assemble the LLL set, OST track 14, Back to Titanic and CD4 from the 2012 Anniversary edition in one folder and remove the track numbers to easily find the tracks. My goal was to have a complete main program that preserves film versions without the need to edit anything. Feedback very welcome.


The score:
01 Logo - Main Title
02 2 « Miles Down
03 To the Keldysh - Rose Revealed
04 Distant Memories
05 My Drawing - Relics & Treasures
06 Valse Septembre
07 Southampton (alternate)
08 Leaving Port (alternate)
09 Margueritte Waltz
10 Wedding Dance
11 Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch (alternate)
12 First Sighting - Rose's Suicide Attempt
13 Jack Saves Rose
14 The Promenade - Butterfly Comb
15 Poet and Peasant
16 Oh, You Beautiful Doll
17 Blue Danube
18 Song Without Words
19 Estudiantina
20 Blarney Pilgrims
21 John Ryan's Polka
22 Kesh Dig
23 Drowsy Maggie Dance
24 Vision of Salone
25 Rose (alternate)
26 Come Josephine in My Flying Machine
27 Piano Theme-The Portrait
28 M‚ditation de Tha‹s
29 Titsy Bitsy Girl
30 Lovejoy Chases Jack and Rose
31 Lovemaking
32 Hard to Starboard (extended version)
33 Alexander's Ragtime Band (from Back to Titanic)
34 The Merry Widow
35 Song of Autumn
36 Sphinx
37 Rose Frees Jack
38 Barcole
39 A Building Panic (film version)
40 Orpheus
41 Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
42 Trapped on "D" Deck
43 Nearer My God to Thee (extended version)
44 Murdoch's Suicide
45 The Sinking
46 Death of Titanic
47 A Promise Kept
48 A Life so Changed
49 A Woman's Heart Is a Deep Ocean of Secrets
50 An Ocean of Memories
51 My Heart Will Go On
52 Post

Bonus tracks:
53 Never an Absolution
54 Trailer
55 Logo (alternate extended version)
56 2 « Miles Down (alternate)
57 Southampton
58 Leaving Port
59 Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch
60 Rose
61 The Portrait
62 Lovejoy Chases Jack (alternate)
63 Hard to Starboard (alternate)
64 A Building Panic (album suite)
65 Alexander's Ragtime Band
66 Nearer My God To Thee (track 12 from Back to Titanic)
67 Death of Titanic (alternate)
68 Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine (with dialogue, from Back to Titanic)
69 A Promise Kept (alternate)
70 My Heart Will Go On (with dialogue, from Back to Titanic)
71 Hymn to the Sea
72 Leaving Port (with alternate ending)
73 The Portrait (album version)
74 Jack Dawson's Luck
75 Lament
76 Titanic Suite
77 A Shore Never Reached
78 Epilogue - The Deep And Timeless Sea

79 It's A Long Way To Tipperary
80 Let Me Call You Sweetheart
81 Vilia
82 My Gal Sal
83 Oh! You Beautiful Doll
84 Martha
85 In the Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
86 Waiting At The Church
87 Frasquita Serenade
88 Shine On, Harvest Moon
89 From The Land Of The Sky Blue Water
90 Loch Lomond
91 A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
92 Nearer My God To Thee

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Since this is specifically the Chronological Score thread, I have removed all the Songs from this list, but I have a version with those too if anyone wants them. And I know, it's not a film, but whatever. If anyone wants it, here you go:


Stranger Things 2 (2017) - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


NOTE: So many of the tracks on the Season 2 release contain 4-5+ cues within them, so I went ahead and included all the edits present in the show. It's up to the listener if they want to include the entire track instead.




N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles

SV1-T2 - Kids (0:00-0:38, 2:00-2:15, 2:12-End) [Rename to “Haul”]

SV2-T7 - First Kiss (1:18-End) [Rename to “Kiss”]

SV2-T16 - **Talking to Australia (0:00-0:06, 0:11.5-0:23, 0:33.5-0:38.5, 0:44-End) [Rename to “Stop Staring Creeps”]

S2D1-T16 - Symptoms (0:00-2:12)

S2D2-T12 - Controlled Contamination (Bonus Track)

S2D1-T3 - Eulogy (1:01-1:55, 3:24-End) [Rename to “Memories”]

SV1-T7 - Eleven (0:00-0:52) [Rename to “Day 352”]

S2D1-T6 - Eight Fifteen (0:00-1:02)

N2 - Stranger Things 2 End Titles


S2D1-T20 - Never Tell

N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D1-T5 - Presumptuous (0:13-0:34, 0:21-0:27) [Rename to “We Gonna Do This?”]

SV1-T25 - Walking Through The Upside Down (0:03-0:26, 1:00-End) [Rename to “Entering The Upside Down”]

S2D2-T3 - Power Maintenance (Bonus Track) (0:10.75-0:51.2, 0:50.7-1:17.475)

S2D2-T7 - A Familiar Shape (Bonus Track) (3:53.5-4:20) [Rename to “Nancy Sees Barb”]

SV1-T4 - This Isn’t You (0:00-0:20, 1:51-End) [Rename to “Stupid Teenagers”]

S2D1-T5 - Presumptuous

S2D2-T8 - Tree Slime (Bonus Track)

SV1-T4 - This Isn’t You (0:03-0:35) [Rename to “Back By Nine”]

S2D1-T17 - Eggo in the Snow

SV1-T9 - Castle Buyers (0:00-1:00) [Rename to “Missing Mike”]



N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D1-T21 - She Wants Me to Find Her (0:00-0:36.5) [Rename to “Eleven Finds Hopper”]

SV2-T1 - Hopper Sneaks In (0:00-0:03.5, 1:20-End) [Rename to “Pollywog In The Bag”]

SV2-T37 - **In Pursuit [Rename to “Circles on the Map”]

S2D1-T2 - *Home

S2D1-T14 - In The Woods

SV2-T1 - Hopper Sneaks In (0:00-0:14, 1:12-End) [Rename to “Joyce Tries The Tape”]

S2D2-T7 - A Familiar Shape (1:43-2:32, 2:27.5-2:31.5, 2:27.5-2:42, 2:47.5-3:11) [Rename to “The Tape”]

SV1-T11 The Upside Down (3:58.5-4:40.5) [Rename to “The Tape”] ~

SV2-T17 - Night of the Seventh (0:00-0:21) [Rename to “We Need To Go”]

SV2-T30 Spiked Bat [Rename to “I Need to Tell You Something”]

SV1-T29 - **Dispatch [Rename to “Do Not Move”]

SV1-T23 - **Cops Are Good At Finding [Rename to “Eleven at the Gym”]

S2D2-T15 - Possessed (Bonus Track) (1:56-End) [Rename to “Go Away”]

S2D1-T15 - Digging


* = In the show S2D1-T3 - Eulogy (0:00-0:24, 3:25-end) [Rename to “Home”] plays instead of this track.

~ = This cue plays on top of the previous cue.


N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D2-T7 - A Familiar Shape (0:00-1:50) [Rename to ”Grow The Hell Up”]

S2D1-T5 - Presumptuous (0:00-0:40) [Rename to “Short Straw”]

SV1-T14 - Photos in the Woods (0:50-1:13.5, 2:23.5-2:35.5) [Rename to “Fear”]

S2D2-T11 - **The Spy (Bonus Track) (2:43-4:09) [Rename to “Now Memories”]

S2D1-T12 - **Looking for a Way Out (0:31-End) [Rename to “They Connect”]

SV1-T14 - Photos in the Woods (1:30-2:22.5) [Rename to “Who is He?”]

SV1-T15 **Fresh Blood (0:02.5-21.5 - Pitch down 3 semitones, 21.5-End) [Rename to “Burn It To The Ground”]

S2D2-T15 - Possessed (Bonus Track) (0:56-2:02) [Rename to “Dart, The Demogorgon”]

S2D1-T34 / N3 - To Be Continued (0:00-1:02) [Rename to “The Tunnels”]


S2D2-T11 - The Spy (Bonus Track) (0:00-2:41)

S2D2-T6 - Shadow In The Tunnel (Bonus Track) (0:00-1:28)

N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D1-T8 - Scars

S2D2-T14 They Hurt Me (Bonus Track) (0:53-1:35) [Rename to “I Saw Him”]

SV1-T19 - Biking to School (0:00-0:08, 0:24-0:38, 0:39.5-End) [Rename to “Biking to Max”]

SV2-T5 - Gearing Up

S2D1-T28 - Connect the Dots (0:00-0:57.5)

S2D2-T9 - Do You Accept the Risk (Bonus Track)

S2D1-T14 - In The Woods [Rename to “Hopper is Here”]

S2D2-T14 - They Hurt Me (Bonus Track) (4:05-End) [Rename to “It’s A Map”]

S2D1-T12 - Looking For A Way Out (0:31-End)

S2D1-T24 - Crib (0:00-1:31)

SV1-T14 - Photos In The Woods (0:00-0:23, 0:25.5-0:40, 0:41.5-1:00) [Rename to “When You Lie”]

S2D1-T13 - Birth / Rescue 

S2D2-T13 - Turn Right & Run (Bonus Track) (0:00-3:04)

N3 - EP5 End Credits


S2D2-T10 - Entering the Cellar (Bonus Track)

N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D1-T7 - The First Lie (0:00-0:09.2, 0:31.5-0:34.3, 0:56.7-End)

S2D1-T10 - Descent Into The Rift 

S2D2-T14 - They Hurt Me (Bonus Track) (2:07-3:40)

S2D1-T15 - Digging (0:00-0:54.5, 0:58.5-End) [Rename to “Virus”]

SV1-T5 - Lay-Z-Boy (0:00-0:32, 0:16-0:48, 0:32-0:36.5, 0:00-0:08.5, 0:56-1:28, 0:16-0:24.5, 1:16.5-End) [Rename to “Act Like You Don’t Care”]

S2D1-T1 - Walkin In Hawkins (0:00-0:05, 0:06.5-0:16.75, 2:30.25-End)

S2D1-T18 - Soldiers

S2D1-T4 - On The Bus

S2D2-T2 - Sick Of Cow (Bonus Track)

S2D1-T23 - It’s A Trap

S2D2-T15 - Possessed (Bonus Track) (0:00-0:57) [Rename to “You Should Go Now”]

S2D1-T15 - Digging [Rename to “Ep 6 Credits]



S2D1-T21 - She Wants Me To Find Her

S2D1-T32 - Run

N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D2-T14 - They Hurt Me (Bonus Track) (3:38-4:05) [Rename to “Eleven On The Bus”]

S2D1-T11 - Chicago

S2D1-T27 - We Go Out Tonight

SV1-T26 - She’ll Kill You [Rename to “Focus On Your Anger”]

S2D2-T5 - Mercy (Bonus Track)

SV2-T22 - Eleven Is Gone [Rename to “I Was Just Like You”]

S2D2-T7 - A Familiar Shape (Bonus Track) (2:11-3:10) [Rename to “You Have A Wound”]

S2D1-T11 - Chicago (1:23-End) (Pitch up 2 Semitones) [Rename to “Cops Arrive”]

S2D1-T26 - **Escape

S2D1-T9 - I Can Save Them


N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D2-T14 - They Hurt Me (Bonus Track) (2:44-4:06) [Rename to “Find Max”]

S2D2-T4 - Roars From The Lab (Bonus Track)

S2D2-T1 - Turn On The Lights (Bonus Track)

S2D2-T12 - Controlled Contamination (Bonus Track) (0:00-1:10) [Rename to “Splash”]

SV2-T28 - They Found Us (0:00-0:47) [Rename to “I’m Gonna Guide You”] @

S2D2-T7 - A Familiar Shape (Bonus Track) (4:17-End) [Rename to “I’m Gonna Guide You”] 

S2D2-T13 - Turn Right & Run (Bonus Track) (4:18-End) [Rename to “Run and Let’s Go”]

S2D1-T3 - Eulogy (0:00-0:08, 0:45-2:15, 3:25-End)

SV2-T5 - **Gearing Up (0:00-0:20.75, 0:40.5-0:52, 1:40-End) [Rename to “His Army”]

S2D1-T12 - Looking For A Way Out (0:43-End) [Rename to “We Have To Kill It”]

S2D1-T19 - Choices

S2D1-T18 - Soldiers (1:16.6-1:21.6, 0:13-0:52.5, 1:12-1:32, 1:56-End) [Rename to “Soldiers Reprise (The Shed)”]

S2D1-T30 - On Edge 

S2D1-T25 - The Return


@ = This cue fades immediately into the following cue


S2D1-T31 - What Else Did You See? (0:00-0:42)

SV1-T36 - Hawkins Lab (1:56-End) [Rename to “The Gate”]

N1 - Stranger Things 2 Main Titles (1:08)

S2D1-T16 - Symptoms (2:07-End) [Rename to “Uninhabitable”]

S2D1-T8 - **Scars

S2D1-T22 - Shouldn’t Have Lied

SV2-T23 - Time For A 187

S2D1-T20 - Never Tell (0:39-1:19.5, 1:31-End) [Rename to “Normal Life”]

S2D2-T14 - They Hurt Me (Bonus Track) (0:00-0:53.25) [Rename to “What Is This Place?”]

S2D1-T29 - The Hub

S2D1-T24 - Crib (1:18-End) [Rename to “Will Is Back”]

S2D1-T10 - Descent Into The Rift (0:00-0:34) [Rename to “Descent Into The Rift II”]

S2D1-T26 - **Escape [Rename to “Escape II”]

S2D1-T33 - Levitation [Rename to “Levitation (Closing The Gate)”]

S2D1-T9 - **I Can Save Them [Rename to “You Did Good”]

S2D1-T34 - To Be Continued (0:42-1:23.7, 1:12.5-1:26)

N4 - Stranger Things 2 End Titles


** = Song is not an exact match, but a good, close representation of what plays



SV1 - Stranger Things: Season 1, Volume 1 Score

SV2 - Stranger Things: Season 1, Volume 2 Score

S2 - Stranger Things 2 [Deluxe Edition] Score

N - Netflix


There may be more I have missed, some of the ambient cues were particularly difficult to place so it's possible I missed an appearance or two, but I believe this takes care of every instance of score of the Season 2 release and the direct (or almost direct) lifts from Season 1.


Enjoy, although I know this score isn't held in high regard here.

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Doctor Who (2005-) - Murray Gold

MT=Master Tapes leak, 1&2=Series 1 & 2 OST, GitF=The Girl in the Fireplace leak



Series 1 (Original)


MT 01 Doctor Who (Series 1 Theme)


MT 02 Running, Running!

MT 03 Seeking the Doctor

The End of the World

MT 04 Clockwork TARDIS

MT 06 Goodbye Earth

MT 05 Platform One / 1&2 04A Cassandra's Waltz [00:00-01:27, possible remix]

MT 14 Father's Day

1&2 03 The Doctor's Theme


MT 11 The Last Dalek

MT 27 The Parting of the Ways

Father's Day

1&2 06A Father's Day [00:00-00:24]

MT 15 The Tylers / 1&2 06B Father's Day [00:24-End]

The Doctor Dances

MT 17 Everybody Lives!

MT 16 I Am Your Mummy!

Boom Town

MT 08 Aliens of London

MT 18 Cardiff / 1&2 08A Boom Town Suite [00:00-00:27]

MT 19 Boom Town

MT 07 The Unquiet Dead / 1&2 08B Boom Town Suite [00:27-02:10]

MT 20 Surfing the Rift

Bad Wolf

MT 23 Bad Wolf

MT 13 The Long Game

MT 22 Deadly Games

MT 10 Target: Number 10 Downing Street

MT 21 My Dalek Masters

MT 12 Power of the Dalek / 1&2 25A The Daleks [00:00-01:05]

MT 26 Heart of the TARDIS

The Parting of the Ways

MT 09 World War Three


MT 24 Dalek Danger

MT 25 Vortex


Series 1 (BBCNOW Re-recordings)



1&2 02 Wesminster Bridge [MT 02]

The End of the World

1&2 12 Clockwork TARDIS [MT 04]

1&2 14 Rose's Theme [MT 14]

Aliens of London

1&2 05 Slitheen


1&2 21 The Lone Dalek [MT 27]

Boom Town

1&2 24 Monster Bossa [MT 19]

1&2 08C Boom Town Suite [02:10-End]

Bad Wolf

1&2 09 I'm Coming to Get You [MT 22]

The Parting of the Ways

1&2 22 New Adventures [MT 09]

1&2 10 Hologram

1&2 11 Rose Defeats the Daleks


Series 2


MT 28 Doctor Who (Series 2 Theme)

The Christmas Invasion

17A UNIT [00:00-00:57]

17B UNIT [00:57-End, Possibly a remix of 00:00-00:57]

1&2 13 Harriet Jones, Prime Minister [Re-recorded cue from World War Three]

1&2 29 Sycorax Encounter

Song for Ten [Original available from the 2006 online advent calendar]

1&2 15 Song For Ten [Longer re-recording with different vocals]

New Earth

04B Cassandra's Waltz [01:27-End, MT 05 re-recording]

1&2 16 The Face of Boe

Tooth and Claw

1&2 20A Tooth and Claw [00:00-01:02]

1&2 20B Tooth and Claw [01:02-End]

The Girl in the Fireplace

MT 29 Versailles

GitF - track 2a

GitF - track 2b

GitF - track 3a

GitF - track 3b

MT 30 Clockwork Nightmare

MT 31 Not Looking For It

MT 32 Fireplace Man

GitF - track 7

GitF - track 8

33 Reinette

GitF - track 10-Pt 1

GitF - track 10-Pt 2

MT 34 Inside Her Mind

MT 35 Walking in Memories

GitF - track 13

GitF - track 14

GitF - track 15-Pts 1&2

GitF - track 16

GitF - track 17

GitF - track 18

GitF - track 19

GitF - Track 20

GitF - track 21a

GitF - track 22b

GitF - track 23

MT 36 The Monsters and The Doctor

1&2 19 Madame de Pompadour [Re-recording]

The Impossible Planet

MT 37 Welcome to Hell

MT 38 We Must Feed

MT 39 Black Hole

MT 40 Human Beings Are Amazing!

MT 41 Start Worrying

1&2 28A The Impossible Planet [00:00-00:11]

MT 42 Disappearing Forever / 1&2 28B The Impossible Planet [00:11-End, Fades out early]

MT 43 Point Zero [Re-recorded cue from Bad Wolf]

MT 44 Capsule Going Down

The Satan Pit

1&2 22 New Adventures [Re-recorded cue from The Parting of the Ways]

MT 45 The Satan Pit

Love and Monsters

1&2 23 Finding Jackie [Re-recorded cue from The Parting of the Ways]

Army of Ghosts

Reunion [Available from the 2006 online advent calendar]

Adeola [Available from the 2006 online advent calendar]

26A The Cybermen [00:00-00:30, Re-recorded cue from Age of Steel, used multiple times throughout Army of Ghosts and Doomsday]

26B The Cybermen [00:30-00:46, Re-recorded cue from Age of Steel, used multiple times throughout Army of Ghosts and Doomsday]

26C The Cybermen [00:46-01:38, Re-recorded cue from Age of Steel, used multiple times throughout Army of Ghosts and Doomsday]

26D The Cybermen [01:38-01:51, Re-recorded cue from Age of Steel, used multiple times throughout Army of Ghosts and Doomsday]

26E The Cybermen [01:51-End, Re-recorded cue from Age of Steel, used multiple times throughout Army of Ghosts and Doomsday]


1&2 25B The Daleks [01:05-End, Re-recorded cues from The Parting of the Ways]

1&2 27 Doomsday


Series 3


The Runaway Bride

OST 25A Donna's Theme [00:00-01:09]

OST 17 The Runaway Bride

OST 18 After the Chase

OST 25B Donna's Theme [01:09-End]

1&2 30 Love Don't Roam

Smith and Jones

OST 02A Martha's Theme [00:00-02:56]

The Shakespeare Code

OST 03 Drowning Dry [Re-recording]

OST 02B Martha's Theme [02:56-End, Re-recording]

OST 04 The Carrionites Swarm


OST 05 Gridlocked Cassinis [Re-recording]

The Old Rugged Cross [Available from the 2007 online advent calendar]

OST 01A All the Strange, Strange Creatures [00:20-02:00]

OST 06A Boe [00:00-01:03]

OST 28 Abide with Me

Daleks in Manhattan

OST 08 My Angel Put the Devil in Me [Longer re-recording with different vocals]

OST 07 Evolution of the Daleks

Human Nature

OST 09 Mr. Smith and Joan

OST 10 Only Martha Knows

OST 11 Smith's Choice [Re-recording]

The Family of Blood

OST 12B Just Scarecrows to War [00:34-End]

OST 13 Miss Joan Redfern

OST 12A Just Scarecrows to War [00:00-00:34]

OST 14 The Dream of a Normal Death

OST 15 The Doctor Forever


OST 16C Blink (Suite) [02:19-End]

OST 16A Blink (Suite) [00:00-01:43]

OST 16B Blink (Suite) [01:43-02:19]


OST 19 The Futurekind

OST 20B Yana (Excerpt) [00:28-End]

OST 21C The Master Vainglorious [02:08-02:49]

The Sound of Drums

OST 21D The Master Vainglorious [02:49-End]

OST 21C The Master Vainglorious [01:39-02:08]

OST 01A All the Strange, Strange Creatures [02:00-End]

OST 27 The Master Tape

OST 22B Martha's Quest [01:27-02:00]

OST 15 The Doctor Forever [03:31-03:52]

OST 22C Martha's Quest [02:00-End]

Last of the Time Lords

OST 20A Yana (Excerpt) [00:00-00:28]

OST 23 This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home

OST 21B The Master Vainglorious [00:47-01:39]

22A Martha's Quest [00:00-01:27]

OST 06B Boe [01:03-03:43]

OST 24 Martha Triumphant


The Specials


The Next Doctor

1-02 A Victorian Christmas

1-04 A Bit of a Drag

1-03 Not the Doctor

1-05 In the Sea of Memory

1-06 Hidden in the Closet

1-07 The Wonder of Balloons

1-09 The Greats of Times Past

The Cyberleader Runs Amok [iTunes bonus track]

1-08 A Forceful Intelligence

1-10 The March of the Cybermen

1-11 Goodbyes

Planet of the Dead

1-12 A Disturbance in the Night

1-13 The Cat Burglar

1-14 Alone in the Desert

1-16 Stirring in the Sands

1-15 A Special Sort of Bus

1-17 Lithuania

The Waters of Mars

1-18 Letter to Earth

1-19A By Water Borne [00:00-00:19]

1-19B By Water Borne [00:19-End]

1-20 The Fate of Little Adelaide

1-21 Altering Lives

1-01 Vale

The End of Time

2-01 We Shall Fare Well

2-02 A Frosty Ood

2-03 A Dream of Catastrophe

2-04 All in the Balance

2-05 A Ruined Goal

2-12A The Master (Suite) [00:00-01:08]

2-06 Wilf's Wiggle

2-07 Minnie Hooper

2-08 The End Draws Near

2-09A Gallifrey [00:00-01:14, Unused]

2-09B Gallifrey [01:14-End]

2-12B The Master (Suite) [01:08-03:23]

2-10 Final Days

2-11 The Council of the Time Lords

2-12C The Master (Suite) [03:23-End]

2-13 The Ruined Childhood

2-14A A Chaotic Escape [00:00-01:48]

2-14B A Chaotic Escape [01:48-End]

2-15 The World Waits

2-16 A Longing to Leave

2-17 A Lot of Life Behind Us

2-18 Dealing with the Menace

2-19 Speeding to Earth

Never too Old to Shoot and Fly [iTunes bonus track]

2-20 The Time Lords' Last Stand

2-21 The Clouds Pass

2-22 Four Knocks

2-23 Song for Ten (Reprise)

2-25 Vale

2-24 Vale Decam

2-26 The New Doctor


Series 5


1-01 Doctor Who XI

1-09 I am the Doctor

The Eleventh Hour

1-02 Down to Earth

1-03 Little Amy

1-04 Fish Custard

1-05 Can I Come with You?

1-06 Little Amy: The Apple

1-07 The Sun's Gone Wibbly

1-08 Zero

1-10 The Mad Man with a Box

1-11 Amy in the TARDIS

The Beast Below

1-12 The Beast Below

1-13 Amy's Theme

Impossible Choice [iTunes bonus track]

Victory of the Daleks

1-14 A Lonely Decision

1-15 A Tyranical Menace

Emotions Get the Better of Him [iTunes bonus track]

1-16 Victory of the Daleks

1-17 Battle in the Sky

The Time of Angels

1-18 River's Path

1-19 The Time of Angels

The Vampire of Venice

1-20A I Offer My Daughter [00:00-00:22]

1-20B I Offer My Daughter [00:22-End]

1-21 Chicken Casanova

1-22 Cab for Amy Pond

1-23 Signora Rossana Calvierri

1-24 The Vampires of Venice

Amy's Choice

1-25 Wedded Bliss [00:00-00:47]

1-25 Wedded Bliss [00:47-End]

1-26 This is the Dream

The Hungry Earth

1-27 Rio de Cwmtaff

1-28 The Silurians

Vincent and the Doctor

2-01 Paint

2-02 Vincent

2-03 Hidden Treasures

2-04A A Troubled Man [00:00-00:11]

2-04B A Troubled Man [00:11-End]

2-05 With Love, Vincent

The Lodger

2-06 Adrift in the TARDIS

2-07 Friends and Neighbours

2-08 Doctor Gastronomy

2-09 You Must Like it Here

2-10 A Useful Striker

2-11 A Painful Exchange

2-12 Kiss the Girl

2-13 Thank You Craig

The Pandorica Open

2-14 River Runs Through It

2-15 Away on Horseback

2-16 Beneath Stonehenge

2-17 Who Else is Coming?

2-18 Amy and Rory

2-19 The Pandorica

2-20 Words Win Wars

2-21 The Life and Death of Amy Pond

The Big Bang

2-22 Amy's Starless Life

2-23 Into the Museum

2-24 This is Where it Gets Complicated

2-25 Roman Paradox

2-26 The Patient Centurian

2-27 The Same Sonic

2-28 Honey I'm Home

2-29 The Perfect Prison

2-30 A River of Tears

2-31 The Sad Man with a Box

2-32 You and Me, Amy

2-33 The Big Day

2-34 I Remember You

2-35 Onwards!

A Christmas Carol

01 Come Along Pond

02 Halfway Out of the Dark

03 Pray for a Miracle

04 Geoff

05 You Didn't Hit the Boy

06 Fish

07 Kazran Sardick 12½

08 Ghost of Christmas Past

09 Babysitter

10 Talk about Girls

11 Sonic Fishing

12 Just a Little One

13 Big Colour

14 I Can't Save Her

15 The Other Half's in the Shark

16 Abigail

17 He Comes Every Christmas

18 Shark Ride

19 New Memories

20 Holding Hands

21 Christmas Dinner

22 Goodlucknight

23 Goodnight Abigail

24 This Planet is Ours

25 Ghost of Christmas Present

26 The Course of my Life

27 Ghost of Christmas Future

28 Abigail's Song (Silence is all You Know) [Alternate specifically recorded album version]

29 Everything Has to End Some Time


Series 9


The Magician's Apprentice

1-01A The One in a Thousand [00:00-01:03]

1-01B The One in a Thousand [01:03-End]

1-02 Davros Remembers

1-03A Message from Missy [00:00-01:29]

1-03B Message from Missy [01:29-End]

1-04 Meeting in the Square

1-05 Finding The Doctor

1-06 What Have You Done

The Witch's Familiar

1-07A Davros Approaches [00:00-00:33]

1-07B Davros Approaches [00:33-End]

Under the Lake

1-08A Some Kind of Submarine [00:00-00:37]

1-08B Some Kind of Submarine [00:37-End]

1-09A The Ghosts [00:00-01:01]

1-09B The Ghosts [01:01-End]

Before the Flood

1-10 The Bootstrap Paradox

1-11 Finding The Fisher King

1-12 Another Ghost Has Appeared

1-13 We Need to Get Back to the TARDIS

1-14 Directions from the Ghosts

The Girl Who Died

1-15 Something in the Spacesuit

1-16 Two Days on a Longboat

1-17 I Am Ashildr

1-18 In a Way, She's a Hybrid

The Woman Who Lived

1-19 I Call Myself Me

1-20 They Need Us

1-21 The Last Thing We Need

The Zygon Invasion

2-01A Deep Cover [00:00-01:37]

2-01B Deep Cover [01:37-02:46]

2-01C Deep Cover [02:46-03:34]

2-01D Deep Cover [03:34-End]

2-02 Just Come Inside

The Zygon Inversion

2-03A This is Not a War [00:00-00:49]

2-03B This is Not a War [00:49-End]

2-04 Defending The Earth

Sleep No More

2-05 The Morpheus Song

Face the Raven

2-06 Saving Rigsy

2-07A Madam Mayor [00:00-01:08]

2-07B Madam Mayor [01:08-End]

2-08A Running from the Raven [00:00-00:55]

2-08B Running from the Raven [00:55-01:54]

2-08C Running from the Raven [01:54-End]

2-09 Death is Locked In

2-10 Face the Raven

Hell Bent

3-01 A Second Shadow

3-02 The Veil

3-03A A Fly on a Painting [00:00-02:42]

3-03B A Fly on a Painting [02:42-End]

3-04 A Change of Clothes

3-05A A Mechanical Maze [00:00-01:50]

3-05B A Mechanical Maze [01:50-End]

3-06 Digging a Grave

3-07A Tell No Lies [00:00-01:10]

3-07B Tell No Lies [01:10-End]

3-08 Two Events in Life

3-09A Waiting for the Veil [00:00-01:33]

3-09B Waiting for the Veil [01:33-End]

3-10 The Final Room

3-11A One Confession Away [00:00-01:00]

3-11B One Confession Away [01:00-End]

3-12 Break Free

3-13 Same Old Day

3-14 The Shepherd's Boy

Heaven Sent

2-14A Clara's Diner [00:00-00:27]

2-11A Back Home [00:00-01:02]

2-11B Back Home [01:02-End]

2-12 The General's Regeneration

2-13 A Duty of Care

2-14B Clara's Diner [00:27-End]

The Husbands of River Song

4-01 Carol Singers will be Criticised

4-02A A Dying Husband [00:00-01:09]

4-02B A Dying Husband [01:09-End]

4-03 The Finest Surgeon in the Galaxy

4-04A The Halassi Androvar [00:00-00:35]

4-04B The Halassi Androvar [00:35-End]

4-05A The Husbands of River Song [00:00-00:39]

4-05B The Husbands of River Song [00:39-End]

4-07 Time to Do it Properly

4-06 The TARDIS Can't Take Off

4-09 Hydroflax in the TARDIS

4-08 Harmony and Redemption

4-10A Whole Again at Last [00:00-01:01]

4-10B Whole Again at Last [01:01-End]

4-13 The Woman He Loves

4-11 All the Firewalls in The Galaxy

4-12 A Restaurant with a View

4-14 The Singing Towers

Note: There's far more music available than currently listed but I'm not really sure how or if I should list music from video games.

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Scent Of A Woman


1.  Main Title (02:59)

11.  Witnesses (01:20)

5.  Balloons (00:54)

3.  Tract House Ginch (01:05)

9.  The Oakroom (00:35)

2.  A Tour of Pleasures (00:50)

4.  45 in 25 (03:24)

7.  Por Una Cabeza (02:15)
Written by Carlos Gardel; performed by The Tango Project

13.  La Violetera (03:34)
Written by Jose Padilla; performed by The Tango Project

10.  Park Ave. (04:30)

6.  Cigars Part Two (02:31)

8.  Long Gray Line (1:02)*

14.  Other Plans (02:10)

12.  Beyond Danger (02:46)

15.  Assembly (02:03)

16.  Fleurs De Rocaille (02:51)

17.  End Title (02:37)


*This version is not used in the film

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Toy Story 2 (1999) - Randy Newman

This was compiled using the Cast & Crew CD, which I have no idea if it differs from the OST, and the available slates.



04 Zurg's Planet 00:00-02:55 = 1m1 Space
04 Zurg's Planet 02:55-End = 1m2 No More Buzz
08 Woody's Dream 00:31-01:02 = 1m4 Where's Hat?
08 Woody's Dream 00:00-00:31 = 1m5 Bo Knows
08 Woody's Dream 01:09-01:31 = 1m7 Got Hat
08 Woody's Dream 01:02-01:09 = 1m8 Good Dog
08 Woody's Dream 01:31-01:47 = 1m10 Cowboy Andy
08 Woody's Dream 01:47-02:49 = 2m3 On the Shelf
08 Woody's Dream 02:49-End = 2m3a Woody's Dream
05 Wheezy and the Yard Sale 00:00-00:45 = 2m4 Wheezy
05 Wheezy and the Yard Sale 00:45-01:39 = 2m5 Yard Sale
05 Wheezy and the Yard Sale 01:39-02:03 = 3m3 Busteride
05 Wheezy and the Yard Sale 02:03-End = 3m4 Casual
06 Woody's Been Stolen 00:00-00:49 = 3m5 Stolen (Missing 10 seconds)
06 Woody's Been Stolen 00:49-End (10 seconds missing between previous part of track but could still be part of 3m5)
07 Chicken Man = 3m8 Chicken Man
09 Jesse and the Round Up Gang 00:00-00:49 = 4m2 It's You
09 Jesse and the Round Up Gang 00:49-End = 4m3 Pete
10 Woody's a Star 00:00-00:44 = 4m4 Fame
01 Woody's Roundup = 4m5sx Woody's Roundup
11 Let's Save Woody 00:00-00:37 = 4m6 Save Woody
11 Let's Save Woody 00:37-01:16 = 4m7 Jump
10 Woody's a Star 00:44-End = 4m11 Valuable Property
12 Off to Museum = 4m13 Japan
11 Let's Save Woody 01:16-End = 5m8 Suite Street (Missing 8 Seconds)
14 The Cleaner 00:00-00:43 = 6m1 Cleaner
15 Al's Toy Barn 00:00-00:50 = 6m2 Toy Barn
14 The Cleaner 00:43-End = 6m2a Cleaner 2
15 Al's Toy Barn 00:50-01:43 = 6m3 Utility Belt
15 Al's Toy Barn 01:43-01:52 = 6m5 Buzz's Fight
16 Pink Aisle Beach Party (Wipe Out) = 6m6
15 Al's Toy Barn 03:27-End = 6m7 Turn Into the Spin, Barbie
13 Talk to Jesse 00:19-End = 6m10 Talk to Jesse
02 When She Loved Me = 6m11s When She Loved Me
13 Talk to Jesse 00:00-00:19 = 6m12 Woody Stays
15 Al's Toy Barn 01:52-02:46 = 7m1 Al Search
15 Al's Toy Barn 02:46-03:27 = 7m2 In the Bag
17 Emperor Zurg Vs. Buzz 00:00-00:44 = 7m4 Zurg Lives!
18 Use Your Head 00:24-00:46 = 7m4 Zurg Lives! (End)
18 Use Your Head 00:00-00:24 = 7m6 Vent
17 Emperor Zurg Vs. Buzz 02:03-02:14 = 7m7 Real Buzz (Incomplete)
18 Use Your Head 00:46-02:32 = 8m1 Shaft
18 Use Your Head 02:32-End = 8m2 Use Your Head
19 Out of the Box 00:00-00:52 = 8m5 What About Woody?
19 Out of the Box 00:52-End = 8m8 Wait
17 Emperor Zurg Vs. Buzz 00:44-02:03 = 8m9 Zurg (Missing 5 seconds)
17 Emperor Zurg Vs. Buzz 02:14-End = 8m9 Zurg (End)
20 Building the Bird (Elevator Version)
21 Pizza Planet Rocks!
22 Jesse's in Trouble
23 Ride Like the Wind = 9m11 Ride Like the Wind
24 Welcome Home Andy 00:00-00:37 = 10m1 Andy's Back
25 Welcome Home Andy 00:37-01:28 = 10m2 Family
26 Welcome Home Andy 01:28-End = 10m5 I Like It (Missing opening 5 seconds)
03 You've Got a Friend in Me (Wheezy's Version) = 10m1s You've Got A Friend In Me - Vocal
25 You've Got a Friend in Me (Instrumental)


The slates are my best guesses so may not be entirely correct, I'm fairly certain the majority of them are though.

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Chronological order for Heat, including the songs by various artists:


1. Heat

12a. Entrada & Shootout [0:00-0:42]

5. Last Nite
Performed by Terje Rypdal & The Chasers. Produced by Manfred Eicher

7. Armenia
Performed and Produced by Einsturzende Neubauten

2. Always Forever Now
Performed by Passengers (Brian Eno/U2)

12. Entrada & Shootout [0:43-end]

6. Ultramarine
Performed and Produced by Michael Brook

8. Of Helplessness

10. Mystery Man
Performed by Terje Rypdal. Produced by Manfred Eicher

15. Fate Scrapes

4. Refinery Surveillance

9b. Steel Cello Lament [1:14-end]

11. New Dawn Fades
Performed and Produced by Moby

14. Coffee Shop

13. Force Marker
Produced and Performed by Brian Eno

9a. Steel Cello Lament [0:00-1:14]

16. La Bas (Edited Version)
Performed and Produced by Lisa Gerrard

18.  Run Uphill

3. Condensers

17. Gloradin
Performed and Produced by Lisa Gerrard

19.  Predator Diorama

20. Of Separation

21. God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
Performed and Produced by Moby

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Does anyone know how these cues from Desplat's Fantastic Mr. Fox are arranged, in the order they appear in the film? Tracks are from the "Abbey Road Mixes" and the OST.



2. Mr. Fox In The Fields Medley (3:02)
3. Trains (1:54)
4. Side Car Escape (1:10)
5. Shoot Out (2:25)
6. Kristofferson (1:36)
7. Plan B (1:42)
8. Trains 2 (1:55)
9. Looking For Cider (2:34)
10. Death Of Rat (1:12)
11. Whack-Bat Majorette Ensemble (3:36)
12. Canis Lupus (1:17)
13. Trains 3 (1:55)
14. Rat Fight (3:54)
15. Dig! (1:25)
16. Mr. Fox’s Promenade (1:22)
17. Three Farmers (2:24)
18. Kristofferson 2 (1:40)
19. Boggis, Bunce And Bean (Reprise) (1:19)
20. Trains 4 (1:55)
21. Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox (1:07)
22. Canis Lupus 2 (1:16)
23. Finale (1:09)
24. Choir Boys Farewell (To The Puppets) (4:36)



1. American Empirical Pictures (0:14)
2. The Ballad of Davy Crockett (written by George Bruns and Tom W. Blackburn, performed by The Wellingtons) (1:40)
3. Mr. Fox in the Fields (1:02)
4. Heroes and Villains (written by Van Dyke Parks and Brian Wilson, performed by The Beach Boys) (3:37)
5. Fooba Wooba John (traditional, performed by Burl Ives) (1:07)
6. Boggis, Bunce and Bean (0:51)
7. Jimmy Squirrel and Co. (0:46)
8. Love (written by George Bruns and Floyd Huddleston, performed by Nancy Adams) (1:49)
9. Buckeye Jim (traditional, performed by Burl Ives) (1:19)
10. High-Speed French Train (1:26)
11. Whack-Bat Majorette (2:56)
12. The Grey Goose (written by Huddie William Ledbetter, performed by Burl Ives) (2:48)
13. Bean’s Secret Cider Cellar (2:06)
14. Une Petite Оle (composed by Georges Delerue) (1:34)
15. Street Fighting Man (written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, performed by The Rolling Stones) (3:14)
16. Fantastic Mr. Fox [Petey’s Song] (written by Wes Anderson and Jarvis Cocker, performed by Jarvis Cocker) (1:20)
17. Night and Day (written by Cole Porter, performed by Art Tatum) (1:27)
18. Kristofferson’s Theme (1:35)
19. Just Another Dead Rat in a Garbage Pail Behind a Chinese Restaurant (2:33)
20. Le Grand Choral (composed by Georges Delerue) (2:23)
21. Great Harrowsford Square (3:20)
22. Stunt Expo 2004 (2:27)
23. Canis Lupus (1:15)
24. Ol’ Man River (written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern, performed by The Beach Boys) (1:18)
25. Let Her Dance (written by Bobby Fuller, performed by The Bobby Fuller Four) (2:35)


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If I wanted to have Rio's or Rio 2's scores and songs together in chronological order, what would that order be? 

I normally would want them separate, but in this score's case, it feels as though it needs at least a few of the songs with it.

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On 21.9.2017 at 8:39 PM, Skelly said:

Here's my go at Logan (Beltrami):

OST26: 1M1 Limo Driving - Idea 1

OST24: 1M1 Limo Driving - Idea 2

OST01: 1M1 Limo Driving - Idea 3

OST14: 1M3 Driving To Mexico (Film Version)

OST05: 1M3 Driving To Mexico (Alternate)

OST04: 1M5 Old Man Logan

OST02: 2M9 Finding Gabriella

OST06: 2M11A That is Not A Choo Choo

OST03: 2M11B The Grim Reavers

OST13: 2M12A Feral Tween

OST09A: 3M16A Gabriella's Video - Part 2

OST09B: 3M16B Night Drive

OST15: 3M17 Hotel Room

OST11: 4M22A Goodnight Moon

OST12: 4M22B Farm Attack

OST07+20: 4M22C Logan Vs. X-24 - Part 1

OST10: 5M23 Drive To Burial - Version 2

OST16: 5M28 Pulling Logan Up

OST17: 5M31 Campfire Friends

OST18: 6M32 Last Night

OST19: 6M33 Logan Injects

OST21: 6M35ALT Don't Be What They Made You

OST22: 6M36 X Marks The Plot

OST23: 7M1 Eternum Jazzum

OST25: 7M2 Loco Logan (End Crawl 1)

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