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    Not Mr. Big reacted to mrbellamy in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Because to people in the industry, JJ Abrams is a consummate professional and actually I don't think it's even really true when people say "They could get the best writers in the world." The best writers in the world don't want to write Star Wars sequels. You can get the most credible industry hacks -- which is a more lofty title than it sounds, really, basically your James Mangolds and yes, your JJ Abramses and Chris Terrios -- or occasionally you can entertain a discussion with someone who has more of an idiosyncratic voice in genre filmmaking, arguably a Rian Johnson, but of course that starts to run a greater risk of being divisive or worse as we know too well. I mean, George Lucas, it took forever for anybody to find silver linings in the prequels and basically came down to seeing what a more homogenized Star Wars looked like.  Everybody also tends to ignore that Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt also co-wrote TFA, two of Kennedy's best gets who naturally didn't stick around long.
    And by the way, for Force Awakens, they did try to get another high quality Hollywood writer/director and that was Brad Bird and he turned them down for Tomorrowland which is generally nothing great even though he is inarguably a great talent. And he's the one who goes off championing Colin Trevorrow of all people. So there's literally no accounting for taste and as cliche as it is, things like friendships and professional relationships go a longer way most of the time. It'd be a pretty easy stance to defend settling for an amiable and slightly mediocre product over a potential genre masterpiece when you're considering working with someone in real life for the better part of 2-3 years. Kennedy talked to David Fincher ffs, he ultimately wasn't into it. And to just about anybody in town, getting their hands on JJ Abrams would not be considered any sort of compromise. By the time Episode IX was in flames in 2017, Kennedy was positively desperate to get him.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Thor in The Patriot (John Williams)   
    That's interesting. To me, this score always had kind of a sweltering summer vibe.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Cerebral Cortex in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    Ford officially back on set. 
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    Not Mr. Big got a reaction from crumbs in The Last of Us (New HBO show by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin)   
    Looks like a still from the game
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    Not Mr. Big got a reaction from Docteur Qui in The Last of Us (New HBO show by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin)   
    Looks like a still from the game
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to pete in New John Williams/Yo Yo Ma album?   
    Could you post a link to one of those? I just scrolled through the recent posts, and I didn't see any that sound like the ones you're describing.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to mrbellamy in New John Williams/Yo Yo Ma album?   
    The worst part (and by worst I mean best) was when they put a hat on a hat and added on "Yoda da man", the announcer sounds so confused when he tries that at the end
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Jay in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    John Williams - The Last Jedi (Complete)
    Hey, this is a pretty good score.  It lacks a really great new theme to anchor the score around, so feels more like a "part 2" of Force Awakens score more so than a typical new Star Wars score to me, but that's OK.  The new renditions of Rey's Theme and the March of the Resistance are really great, it's always nice and while Rose's Theme, the Luke in Exile theme, and Holdo's Resolve material don't set my world on fire, they are nice additions to the catalog.  And now that I've finally heard The Long Goodbye, it was nice to hear a new rendition of that theme.
    I'm sure I'll always find Force Awakens and Rise of Skywalker superior to this score, but this score is still good!
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to crumbs in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) by James Newton Howard   
    The Secrets of Dumbledore? Could these titles be any more cringe?
    I guess market research showed that casual audiences didn't know or give a shit about some guy called 'Grindelwald' on that film, which is fair enough (though the "Fantastic Beasts" brand holds little relevance either).
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Disco Stu in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021)   
    As always, these Spielberg conversations are so far from my experience I don't really find the discussion worth having, but they're also what every Spielberg thread becomes.  I get tired of reading the same opinions from the same people.  On that note, here's my oft-stated opinion I post every time: Lincoln and Bridge of Spies are great, inspired films with a lot to say to me personally.
    Also calling him a coward is some rank bullshit.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Docteur Qui in John Williams returns for Indiana Jones 5   
    I'm not completely opposed to temp tracks, just look at how effective that was for something like Prisoner of Azkaban (Rossini's La Gazza Ladra was clearly the temp for "Aunt Marge's Waltz") or movies like Star Wars and Home Alone - brilliant pieces from the classical canon that JW used as a launching pad for wonderful new music. 
    As long as it's not existing film music (including JW's own) - that's where the harm of it comes in.
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    Not Mr. Big got a reaction from Cerebral Cortex in Michael Giacchino's THE BATMAN (2022)   
    Still waiting for the epic version of The Terminal
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to AC1 in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    I don't know if it's good, but it sounds nice. I do seem to miss a melody from time to time. I almost wish Williams did this score instead.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to HunterTech in Michael Giacchino's THE BATMAN (2022)   
    Quite frankly, those two likely only turned out the way they did because of the directors involved. You could've also mentioned Shazam, with its more retro sound (though I don't remember the theme enough to know if it's particularly a cut above what's here).
    MoS, BvS, JL, and now The Batman have this particular thing, primarily because of being the tentpoles that WB had/have their strict eye on. At the very least with JL, Elfman still got to be pretty expressive with the simpler confines the themes from that score offered him, so I feel fairly inclined to agree with others that this still isn't too much to judge from.
    Don't think I agree with the Imperial March comparisons, since once more, this is another Batman composer that couldn't help but take a page from past efforts. And I suppose it's a little more blatant here, given this used to be the Affleck solo film, so perhaps Warners were really itching for more of that despite the change in direction.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Kühni in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) - 2021 20th Anniversary Edition (reissue of 2015 3CD set) from La-La Land Records   
    Currently listening to this. Spellbinding, as always. It's, huh, very much a JW score of its era, but it features so many fresh takes on his established sound and procedures. And Monica's Theme is among the most beautiful things he ever penned.
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    Not Mr. Big got a reaction from Mr. Who in Michael Giacchino's THE BATMAN (2022)   
    I like how full and reverby the orchestra sounds there
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Taikomochi in Does Your Wife/Girlfriend Hate John Williams?   
    My wife hates John Williams, but her boyfriend is actually a big fan.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Disco Stu in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021)   
    On the contrary, I'm a huge fan of Top Hat, Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Love Me Tonight and many others.  The period when we were getting film musicals by Kern, Gershwin, Berlin, Rodgers (pre-Hammerstein) is one of the peaks of American pop culture.  But I thought LLL was great!  The throwback musical elements are just one aspect of that movie that I think very much suited the particular story it had to tell.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Disco Stu in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021)   
    JWFAN La La Land fans assemble!  We exist!  Really good movie!  Great score!
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to crumbs in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021)   
    Exact same reaction here -- an overwhelming 'meh, why is Spielberg wasting his time on this?'
    Probably doesn't help that I really have no interest in musicals, dancing or choreography. But the fact he chose to remake an existing musical as his long-coveted musical project is a total head-scratcher to me.
    At least he's back making original movies for JW to score now; feels like he's wasted some golden opportunities for collaborations in JW's twilight years...
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Datameister in J.K. Rowling didn't like JW because the music didn't sound English enough? Fact or fiction?   
    Nah, I think it was a good call. My disappointment is in the fact that there ended up only being two "Star Wars Stories," and they had totally different openings from each other and from the episodes, yet both used the classic Star Wars end credits. It's a melange of unique and familiar elements that doesn't quite work for me.
    I would have preferred that the anthology films not use the main saga's main title or end credits. I also have a slight preference for the idea of them sharing similar new formats for each, but oh well.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 (James Mangold, July 29 2022)   
    Come on guys... obvious clickbait is obvious. The "source" is the Daily Mail -- a dumpster fire of tabloid trash.
    Kathleen Kennedy + female characters are guaranteed triggers for basement dwellers worldwide.
    We went through this same confected media-driven outrage with Shia in Indy 4. These days it's even easier to manufacture outrage with female characters instead.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to Mr. Who in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    I never understood the criticism that Skyfall and Spectre don't use or pay homage to the the bond theme. Both scores, and especially Spectre do it arguably more than Arnold did, at least in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Newman doesn't just straight up play the theme as a needle drop, but actually builds his writing in a lot of cues around different parts of the bond theme, both rhythmically and harmonically, where he might take just a few bars of the theme and inverts them or use them as an action motif or as an accompanying line. The use of the theme is just less obvious than in some other bond scores but in my opinion it's just as good. 
    Just a few of many examples from Spectre would be Los Muertos Vivos Estan, Detonation, Backfire, Safe House, Westminster Bridge. In Spectre the title song is also used once in the score and the same thing is true in Skyfall where the cue Macau Casino is a cue based mostly on the song theme with hints of the bond theme.
    I love Newman's bond scores and think the criticism that they aren't bond scores in their DNA to be completely wrong.
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to AC1 in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    Sounds good. Warm (those muted strings!), intimate and, of course, autumnly. Nice. Love when the classical guitar ends the melody in a flageolet (harmonics) note. 

    Doesn't sound so good. The orchestra sits too far away and the aural exciter (or whatever effect they used) is severely abused here, causing too much artifacts in the treble. Not a fan of the movie or the soundtrack but Hatching Baby Raptor is nice and strongly reminds me of the music he wrote for A.I.. Not sure if there is a remastered version but I listened to the original release. 
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    Not Mr. Big reacted to toothless in The Matrix Resurrections (Fourth Matrix film)   
    The trailer alone is better than any glorified-TV-Movie ever produced by Netflix.
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