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  1. Terrific interview on John Burlingame's For Scores podcast with John Powell just went up. Mostly about Call of the Wild, but a little discussion at the end about Solo, where he goes into a little bit more detail about Williams's involvement than I remember hearing about elsewhere. http://disneymusic.co/ForScoresPodcast?IQid=website Notably, Williams, Powell, and Howard did a spotting session of the whole film. And then Williams not only sketched out but had a 90 piece orchestra "demo" a set of cues. I know Powell has alluded in the past to these cues Williams wrote, but this is the first I've seen that they were actually realized by an orchestra in some way. The extent to which they got used in the final film is still a little vague to me. I still swear "Parting Ways" sounds like pure Williams...
  2. Steven Spielberg Won’t Direct ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ James Mangold in Talks to Replace Probably means another Indy score from JW is now far less likely. Perhaps we'll get a Solo situation.
  3. Sorry to dredge up such an old thread, but does anyone still have access to this 2005 Yahoo interview, or might point me towards it? I'm intrigued...
  4. Ahh, but it's not just one time -- it's also unambiguously stated when Lando is revealed: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZU1KN7T-aGBFdloSfeddUr1nKm0FQvfA The appearance midway through the "film version" of the Speeder Chase does indeed appear to be tracked from "Falcon Flight" and pitch adjusted (up by minor third, not octave). So there are only two instances we know of that are autonomous. Despite the undeniable similarities in contour and rhythm, I still think it's not a mere variant of Poe's Theme -- the harmonic and melodic structure is actually not that close. If anything it's a variant of, or source for, the actual Speeder Chase motif, with which it shares a deeper tonal similarity. It's also not altogether unlike the later, more fleshed-out "Victory" theme, though that's a more tenuous connection... There's something to the way it's introduced in "Falcon Flight" that just has to it the kind of rhetorical emphasis you associate with a "big new theme" in these scores. Even if it never is corroborated as such. I'm open to revising my categorization of the idea once the DVD comes out and we have a better chance to study the score. I'm certainly not averse to demoting things from leitmotif to incidental motif status!
  5. No argument that AOTC's score is underrated, but I'm not sure I follow this claim about Across the Stars being so pervasive. ATS is used quite sparingly in ROTS. If I recall correctly, it's only used in five cues: 2m4, 2m6, 2m5, 6m2, and 6m3 (six if you included an unused statement near the end of 4m6.). And of those, it's only really showcased in 2m6. I'm also not sure I hear it being linked to Rey or Kylo Ren's motifs either, or quoted in "A New Home." Could you elaborate? Thanks!
  6. I'm teaching a class on JFK tomorrow and for fun, I put together a little supercut of all the cues from the 1990s I could think of that appear to have been inspired by "The Conspirators." Or, for a few of the more distantly related examples, at least channeling similar musical techniques... What do you all think? Am I missing any? Who knows how long YouTube will allow this to remain up...
  7. Oh boy! Think I recognize them all this time...:
  8. Got it! Wow that was surprisingly hard!! I kept trying to interpret it in E-lydian rather than B-major.
  9. Ahah! Then it must be: Still racking my brain over #7...
  10. @BrotherSound, you have a great eye for this kind of thing. Any insight into #3 or #7?
  11. Hmm, that makes me wonder what the likeliest "phantom" themes would be. Here's some pure speculation... I'd be willing to bet good money that the original version of the Ahch-To scenes featured Jedi Steps at least in some way. The existing cue "Destiny of a Jedi" seems to want to refer to it on several occasions only to pull back. The theme also seems to hover suggestively over "A New Home." Perhaps Luke in Exile stuff too, though bringing that back strikes me as less likely, if only because it's rather less iconic. If there were any more extended but unused scenes featuring Rose, it's not unfeasible her theme was recalled. At the very least, I find it hard to believe Williams forgot he wrote the theme, seeing as how he's still programming and conducting it! We get a tantalizing hint of a Duel of the Fates-y choral chord at the end of "Approaching the Throne," maybe even in Sanskrit (?), though no other traces of the piece elsewhere in the score, as far as I can tell. I heard a rumor that DoTF was recorded anew during the TROS recording sessions, though given what we've seen of the cue list, my guess would be it might have been an additional possible entry into the End Credits suite if that were the case. Then again, who knows what could have gone over the beginning of the Death Star fight. Despite JW recently revisiting it in the Anne Sophie-Mutter arrangement, it doesn't seem like Across the Stars would have been called back. That said, there are two moments that are reminiscent of the theme, purely by accident I imagine. First, there's a snatch of the main motif in that spiky Approaching Exegol ostinato -- assuredly just a felicitous coincidence. Second, and maybe more significant, is the chromatic string figure early on in The Old Death Star, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the ostinato from the middle section of the ATS Concert Arrangement. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that that chromatic figure itself doesn't appear to my knowledge in AOTC, I'd consider adding it to my catalogue as an incidental motif. Leitmotifs that could have been justifiably recalled but, as far as anyone knows, weren't would be the original Death Star motif, the Lando/Cloud City motif, Throne Room, anything else from the Prequels, and (alas!) Parade of the Ewoks...
  12. Really? I thought for an interview of its kind, this was unusually revealing, like with JW's discussion of the amount of redone music and him getting into the details of thematic transformation w/ Kylo Ren's motif. Particularly with the former, though JW says he loved it and was happy to create all these alternate cues, you can tell from the way he brings it up that it's not his preferred way of doing things. Here's a transcription of the discussion of Kylo Ren's transformed theme:
  13. Yes, it was very gratifying to hear JW asked and respond so thoughtfully about that musical detail! Wish he were asked those sorts of questions more often! Tallying the themes that are recapped in TROS depends a bit on what you define as a theme and what you count as a recurrence. But by my count, there's around ~17-18 previously established true themes brought back (noticeably lacking anything from the prequels or TLJ), plus the 5-6 new themes for TROS.
  14. Yep! It's the Death Star motif, which doubles as a triumphant heroes-blow-up-a-ship motif. One of many such wonderful details in ROTJ's score that makes it so rewarding to revisit over and over.
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