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John Williams Makes Surprise Appearance Conducting the President's Own 10/23/2019 (UPDATED with video on 2/8/2020!)

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The Marine Band is currently on a West Coast tour.  Looks like Williams made a surprise appearance as guest conductor for their stop at the UCLA Royce Hall, Wednesday night October 23rd.  Most of thes

The Marine Band just uploaded videos from this concert to Youtube!   Here are the videos of Williams’ surprise introduction, remarks to the audience, and the two pieces he conducted: the 194


8 minutes ago, Incanus said:

And Thomas Hooten performed With Malice Toward None. I love that particular trumpet and orchestra arrangement.


And Hooten's performance of it on the Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Vol. 3 is so wonderful.  Funny how this is the same concert hall where that album was also recorded!  I would love to have heard this live performance.


And it's especially appropriate since Hooten was once a member of the Marine Band.

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Kind of an unfortunate update to this.


Turns out, that concert was LIVE VIDEO STREAMED by UCLA's music department.  But I'm guessing no JWFan could've known Williams would be there, so no one grabbed it :( 


From the Marine Band's twitter, looks like John conducted the 1941 march and the imperial march.


Also, here's another picture, I've added it to my original post too.



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8 hours ago, Marian Schedenig said:



But Marian that word sounds positively antediluvian! Have you been so busy you haven't had time to retool your vocabulary? Most younger writers use postmodern synthesized word sources these days.

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