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The Custom Covers Thread

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6 hours ago, heidl said:

Do you mind recommending me a good upscale tool for Photoshop? Or did you mean the built-in resizer? I regularly use letsenhance.ai, but you never know beforehand what you're gonna get. A good Photoshop plugin would certainly be more helpful.

I'm only using the Photoshop upscale tool. No extra plugin.

But I found a trick online:
You know how "Camera Raw" in Photoshop allows you to open Raw files? it's a reduced version of Lightroom.

In the menu, there's a function that doubles the resolution of your picture using an interpolation system. It's called "Super Resolution" You can trick Photoshop into opening any other picture format as a raw image.


Sorry for getting a little technical here;
When you're in photoshop, open files, then tick the jpg picture or tiff or whatever format you want to open. Then, before clicking on "open" unfold the format list and pick "Camera Raw", then "open". Once in Camera Raw, click on the "..." on the right side of the window to open the extra menu. Then click on "Enhance..."
you need an image of pretty good quality (meaning not too compressed) for it to it to be really efficient.

I also use letsenhance.ai But only the older version in "photo 1.0" and I choose PNG as the render format because their JPG render sucks.

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1 hour ago, Gibster said:

Any chance someone can do a cover for House Of The Dragon with this as the cover image?

  Hide contents



Here you go:

HOTD Queen Rhaenyra NEW.jpg


Do you have this screenshot from the episode in higher resolution by any chance?

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I bought the three Rambo scores on Google Play Music before they shuttered the store a while back. 


I'm also weirdly a fan of those fat multi-CD jewel cases so I made three covers and back inlays using the Renato Casaro film art (before Quartet released their vinyl set using these same covers). Because RIII only had one disc worth of music I decided to add the Scotti Bros. release as a disc 2 considering that it has shorter edits of a couple of cues and the songs (not Goldsmith composed I know but then neither was the song on R:FB pII if I recall correctly).


I also changed the back layouts, particularly FB, using screencaps from the films, and redid some of the text. I chose different movie quotes that I preferred from what Intrada previously used:


"In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe."


"To survive a war, you gotta become war."


"You started this damn war, now you'll have to deal with it."


If I get really crazy I might create myself a custom slipcase box in which to house these three titles when I get around to printing them out.





I also created fat case front inserts for Cutthroat Island and Cliffhanger (LLL/StudioCanal digital releases that I picked up when they were still available):


Cutthroat Island Double Front.jpg


Cliffhanger Double Front.jpg

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5 hours ago, heidl said:

The Lord of the Rings Symphony (Howard Shore)


Expansion of my existing LotR/Hobbit collection.



CD versions:







Vinyl version:



Very nice work! Will you do a set for the Hobbit Symphony?

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On 04/11/2022 at 1:34 PM, Mr. Who said:

Very nice work! Will you do a set for the Hobbit Symphony?

Well I can, but what for? There's no Hobbit Symphony out there, or is it?

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12 hours ago, Steffromuk said:

Nope! I don't know if I'll ever tackle this collection to be honest. I love some of these scores but not the whole bunch and not enough to commit to a Disney series.
I'm sorry :)



A couple Maurice Jarre covers




Very nice cover! Have you done one for the Milan release of Maurice Jarre at Abbey Road? Or the Notre Dame album from Tadlow?


I've been meaning to try my hand at some of the Disney Legacy titles from the Renaissance era (Mermaid, Beauty, Aladdin, Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback and hopefully Hercules) using the teaser poster art for each film as they are gorgeous.

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On 12/11/2022 at 5:00 PM, Steffromuk said:

Since Intrada announced the long awaited release of Conan the Destroyer, and I had the honor to have my work used for their B side cover, I guess it's a good time to post all my Conan related covers.



Wow, congrats on the gig! Have you been contacted by Intrada out of the blue or how did this come about?

You seem like the perfect match for Intrada's classical releases anyway to me and I'm surprised you're not their regular go-to-guy yet :)

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If they are crediting you does that mean they hadn't even sent out for booklets to be printed yet when they announced it?

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On 18/11/2022 at 10:20 AM, Steffromuk said:

It was actually an accident. They found my cover art online and didn't know I was the designer. It seemed that it was credited to Casaro (which in a way makes sense) and since all Casaro's Conan art is the property of Universal, they genuinely thought this was part of the material they could use.
After contacting them, they offered to credit me and we resolved the issue. I hope it opens the way to future collaborations :)


I hope they commission you in the future. You make gorgeous covers.

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