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Michael Giacchino's SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME (2019)

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Film Music Reporter updated their article with the track TIMES now


1. Far From Home Suite Home (8:27)
2. It’s Perfect (0:30)
3. World’s Worst Water Feature (7:30)
4. Multiple Realities (3:32)
5. Brad to the Drone (3:32)
6. Change of Plans (2:28)
7. Night Monkey Knows How to Do It (0:19)
8. Mr. One Hundred and One (3:20)
9. Prague Rocked (3:43)
10. Who’s Behind Those Foster Grants (2:57)
11. Power to the People (3:33)
12. Personal Hijinks (3:53)
13. Praguenosis: BAD (1:08)
14. A Lot of ‘Splaining to Do (2:14)
15. The Magical Mysterio Tour (3:21)
16. Taking the Gullible Express/ Spidey Sensitive (5:07)
17. Gloom and Doom (4:16)
18. High and Flighty (2:20)
19. An Internal Battle (1:50)
20. Happy Landings (2:58)
21. Tower of Cower (5:12)
22. Bridging the Trap (1:58)
23. Bridge and Love’s Burning (2:50)
24. Swinging Set (1:47)
25. And Now This… (0:58)

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http://filmmusicreporter.com/2019/06/20/spider-man-far-from-home-soundtrack-details/   Can't frickin' wait!

YESSSS!  That Nick Fury stuff is good!     EDIT: It's midnight in New Zealand as I post this so it's up for sale digitally there!  On the NZ iTunes page for example, you can hear a samp

I enjoy the session leak of Homecoming more than the OST >shrug<

Though lately I've been enjoying the 40 minute LP program for that score too



Here's three clips from the film... all with Giacchino score! (It's not a trailer like the thumbnail says)



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4 hours ago, Damien F said:

Giacchino is currently in Dublin and I'm attending his concert. Should be a great evening.



He conducted the new suite as an encore. It sounded pretty good live. It was my first time hearing it.


EDIT: Just listened to the suite. The live version had a prominent drum kit instead of the synths that sounded really bad-ass.

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Courtesy of FSM poster ANT in the Far From Home thread there:



Updated impressions of the suite - all guesswork:

0:07 Spider-Man theme
1:00 Peter's theme
2:37 Peter & MJ theme
3:59 Nick Fury motif
5:04 Mysterio theme
5:36 Elemental's motif
6:22 Dark Mysterio theme




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Someone please help me - I'm about to lose my mind.


49 seconds into track 6, "Change of Plans", there are three notes that are played - and they sound like the start of a melody from another score. I don't necessarily think it's another Giacchino score, but I can hear the tune clear as day. 


Driving me nuts right now. 


Edit: Got it. Theme from Thor: Ragnorak. Thank god, my brain can relax now.


Also, I'm digging this new Spiderman music. Very nice.

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It is memorable I will give it that. But it is unimaginative and has very ordinary progressions. Kinda like some Zimmer themes or potc for example. It is a really dumb and boneheaded theme.


Elfman and Horner had much more sophisticated themes.


But maybe Gia was scoring from a teenage level perspective.


Edit: I would be remiss if I didn't say that Gia actually does a great job of orchestrating and presenting his dumb theme. You almost buy into the charade that it is a great theme.

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Just came back from this. Glad I decided to go, because the movie ain't half bad. The best parts are the 'down tempo' ones when they're exploring Europe and stuff, and the natural humour that comes from the characters and situations. The parts that did NOT work so well include some of the action sequences and most things surrounding Mysterio/Jake Gyllenhaal. Can't be more specific at the moment, due to embargo from Sony.


But this is a thread about the score. Although I can't stand Giacchino in general, I always go into an MG-scored film with as open mind as humanly possible. Who knows, maybe he has another JOHN CARTER up his sleeve at some point? Well, the score is pretty OK by his standards, although the best parts are when he references existing Marvel themes. His own stuff is the usual "Emperor's New Clothes": Lots of big chords and ostinati going nowhere fast. Fans will go apeshit over it, no doubt, but this is not for me.

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3 hours ago, Thor said:

 most things surrounding Mysterio/Jake Gyllenhaal. Can't be more specific at the moment, due to embargo from Sony.


It's not exactly a secret that he's the villain and not a good guy

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