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2 Williams 2020 Grammy Nominations

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2 hours ago, Bespin said:

Of all his arrangements done for Mutter's album, that's the one they retained?



Yep. I think they chose that for a few reasons. First, it was released as a single for free, so it was out there longer and probably more widely heard. Second, it is probably the most widely known and without controversy of the tracks. What I think I mean by that is if they had chosen a Star Wars track, then it could have looked too shameful related to the upcoming movie release. Third, it does have a very difficult cadenza, so it's more than say Rey's Theme that is closer to the original piece. (Personally, I still prefer the Dracula arrangement or The Duel, but Hedwig's Theme is quite good.) And fourth, I think Anne-Sophie really likes this piece. 


Just guesses! I was a bit surprised the album itself was not nominated, but then again it was not clear which category it really belongs in. There is not a classical crossover category, and it is not suitable for a visual medium award (where soundtracks show up) since it is not that.



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