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New Williams Feature Short: The Maestro's Finale (TROS digital release - 17/03/2020))

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Since the video clip of his cameo was well received. I decided to upload this whole thing too. 

please god stop with the williams/daisy jokes im sorry i literally cant take it anymore 

2 hours ago, Amer said:

Another good thing I picked up is that they [lucasfilm] have access to that BBC Williams'EMPIRE  documentary. So once its decided to ever put this out in high quality dvd that would be great. Someday...


That would be great. I've had that since the late 90s (on a CD-R), and have wanted a better version ever since. It's really the best Williams documentary out there, not only about STAR WARS, but in general, since it touches on several other scores as well (including IMAGES!).

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Abrams is just not intelligent enough for Star Wars. If his deeds are [arguably] shrouded in uncertainity as to the thought processes behind them, his manners of speech betray it clearly.


There are some simply-worded but intelligent individuals, and then there are these "kinda thing stuff cool" celebrities. For this reason already listening to him, or Ms. Ridley, for that matter, is just painful to me.


Of course some will say that he "must be" intelligent because of the money he makes, etc. No comment on that.

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<Carbon Freeze plays>


"Sometimes it comes very quickly and it is a nice flow, and other times I hold my head in my hand, and think «is it ever going to come?»  I guess you want to stand under the right kind of grace from heaven, or hope that the muses will not desert us".---John Williams


This is priceless.

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Someone should do an in-depth interview with Ramiro Belgardt to get some technical insights into John’s process with the sequels. I’m thinking more about the day to day nitty-gritty details of them having to keep up with an ever-changing edit, decisions about tracking cues, the revision process, etc.


JW’s pencil and paper process vs the ‘modern movie machine’ is really an incredible feat. 

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