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Jay's Score Information Collection (Non-Williams Edition)

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People on here and FSM have been asking for a while if I was going to collect links to my Film Score Google Docs together in one place, and I've finally decided to just do it as a forum post here on JWFan.  


This thread will only contains info for non-Williams scores; John Williams scores are over here.


Every time I add a new score to the main post, I'll bump the thread, and you're welcome to ask me questions about any of the information on the spreadsheets here as well.


After I get caught up and post every existing spreadsheet I already have, I'll considering taking requests to breakdown scores I haven't done yet.  Please refrain from requesting until I mention I've gotten caught up.  Thanks!



I'm kick-starting the thread with all the spreadsheets I had for David Arnold, Don Davis, and Danny Elfman


David Arnold


Don Davis


Danny Elfman

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And now let's move on to...


Michael Giacchino

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