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Home Alone - 25th Anniversary 2CD Edition by La-La Land Records (2015)

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Don’t know where to put it, but this thread seems the most congruous:



A brief interview from back in the day, featuring also a nice moment with JW playing Somewhere in My Memory at the piano.

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Guys, watch The Movies That Made Us on Netflix, episode 2, about Home Alone 



If you don't want to watch the whole thing, jump to about nine minutes from the end when they discuss replacing Broughton with Williams. It's a feel good moment. 


I can't get over how much Chris Columbus looks like Seth MacFarlane. 

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10 hours ago, bollemanneke said:

It's rather strange that every song in HA2 is accounted for, but I can't find a record of this one at all.

This might be a giveaway.

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8 hours ago, Holko said:

This might be a giveaway.


The post you quoted is him lamenting that all the source info for HA2 is easily available, but that the same doesn't hold true for HA1.

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On 12/28/2019 at 4:39 PM, bollemanneke said:

Oh, yes, you're right, sorry. That's what I meant.


That's "You're Old Enough" by Terry James



Note: The youtube video says "I Been Had" because something got messed up with the digital album; Track #1 is supposed to be "You're Old Enough" but is actually just 9 seconds of clicking, then track #2 is supposed to be "I Been Had" but actually contains "You're Old Enough", etc... everything is off by one.  It's the same everywhere the album is located:










What's also funny is his LinkedIn page, which I must preserve here in case he ever changes it:





Performer Recording Artists SongWriter Entertainer [PRASE]


Electrical Engineer and Computer Systems Designer


Electrician, Plumber, Gas Line Repairman, Electronic Technician, General Contractor.


I've done a lot of work in my life. Most of it was done to pay for my education and my music career. One does what one has to do.


Specialties: I created the Open Chord playing style so prevalent in Rock N Roll today. Naming chords and playing chords that never appeared in any book, not even Mel Bay.


"Gone Away" is exactly the same as a song I wrote 14 years before "Gone Away" was released by the OffSpring, and that song was copyrighted circa 1982 called "Angel." I know how far and wide my influence has spread; there isn't a rock band today that isn't playing in the style I created.


Terry James Boling
aka Terry James


Sadly "Angel" doesn't seem to be online for us to compare to "Gone Away", lol


It does have an ASCAP entry though https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/work/312205815

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No problem


lol, just came across this 5 star review on the CD Baby page I linked above



Terry James is the hottest GET YOUR NICKEL BACK!


Terry James and the numerous name performers on this CD will give you the nickel back that others promised you.


Two songs from "Home Alone," the 12th largest grossing film of all time, and 11 more that are bound for the world's top charts.


If you don't check this guy out, you won't hear what real rock and roll and real music sound like until Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Eddie van Halen, and Billy Idol are cloned!


By the way, he shows them the way it's suppose to be after you've become a millionaire rock star, but still live on the streets.


(In my head I heard that in the voice of Paul Scheer reading the 5 Star Amazon Reviews on How Did This Get Made)

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