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LLL May Flyer


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49 minutes ago, Disco Stu said:

The very act of putting this in the Williams subforum seems awfully presumptuous! :mrgreen:


I agree with Disco Stu


Everytime MV says any news is coming soon, everyone on this forum always assumes a Williams title must be included in that news

Even though they release like, 1-3 Williams titles per year, yet have 20 announcements or so a year


The hype is very fun however!  I love it!

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That’s what I was thinking: I like the score and would like to hear more of it.


It’s what I figure whenever anybody expresses an interest in an expanded score.  Even Zimmer scores ;).


Some people are averse to bootlegs.

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Okay, so the speculated list is Hook, HP4, and The Patriot.


I’ll put in Brain-, no, Will-, oh wait, ah: a rerecording of David Raksin’s The Redeemer.


Sure fire miss.

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It's 46 minutes past the start of the 24 hour flyer window and there's been no update...


Should we be worried?! WHEN DO WE PANIC????!?!?!?!



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1 minute ago, Holko said:

MV just posted on FSM that all the titles they planned for the year have been delayed indefinitely.

Apparently one of the Hook songs that were supposed to be on the new release featured shawm. At the last minute, JW disapproved the entire release and asked for a straight reissue of the OST.

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