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'A Celebration of John Williams in Concert' - Royal Albert Hall, October 26, 2018 (CONDUCTED BY DIRK BROSSÉ)

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I hope it's OK if I post Mike Mattessino's recent Facebook post here, since there were no pertinent details about the illness other than to comfort us all a little bit -- which we need right now:

Unlike many of you on this forum, it will be my first time listening to the music of John Williams performed live in concert. As I begin my 6 hour journey to London, I feel slightly melancholic due to

There's still a lot to look forward to people. I'm more concerned about his health, to be honest.    Karol

It looks like Johnny is conducting one (or a few) pieces. Has he the stamina for a whole concert?


Well, as a Brit living 3-hours train ride from London, having never seen John Williams in the flesh, I will be queueing up on the internet to buy a ticket. Last year at the same time was Giacchino's birthday bash, which was my favourite concert ever until I heard a full Star Wars concert in Birmingham than, musically and performance-wise, superceded it. I ought to see him do his thing before he leaves us!

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Damn, that's pretty cool.


I'm sure the ticket prices will be astronomical, and for my own part -- it comes at a very inconvenient date (the WSA in Ghent on the 17th, and then I'm involved in the Riga film festival on the 27th), but I'll investigate this when the tickets are put out on Friday.


As publicist says, there's a chance of cancellation (Morricone has done it plenty of times in recent years), in which case I'm guessing you won't get a refund, but they'll just play the concert withOUT Williams.

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26 minutes ago, Damien F said:

I wonder why he is coming to the UK. I doubt he is making the trip just for that one concert. He might be recording something with the LSO at Abbey Rd. 


Interesting... a new Star Wars CD? Seems premature considering IX isn't written yet...

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10 minutes ago, crumbs said:


Interesting... a new Star Wars CD? Seems premature considering IX isn't written yet...


Maybe he'll re-record TFA and TLJ with a proper orchestra?


6 minutes ago, crumbs said:

Never been to Europe but this might convince me to book a ticket.


It's time.

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8 hours ago, Omen II said:



@Mari Are you an angel?


John Williams last appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in November 1985.  This is just epic news!

Sorry to correct you, Omen, but it was January, 1986. I know; I was there.





3 hours ago, publicist said:


Because a lot can happen in between february and july - last minute cancellations aside. And there probably still will be more than enough tickets then.

When I saw him, with the LSO, in the Summer of '82, it was about one third sold. There'll be tickets in July, don't worry.

I got two fourth row tickets for Barbican July, '98 in April, of that year, and the RAH is a helluva lot larger!





1 hour ago, crumbs said:

Holy crap! I would pay a fortune to attend this! 

Give me a fortune, @crumbs, and I'd gladly buy the tickets for you :)

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