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Star Trek: Picard (2020 TV Series)

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The Data hairpiece definitely looks awkward, but it’ll be worth it to see Spiner in that role again

33 minutes ago, The Big Man said:

Shit show

"  Again, your humor fails to resonate with me and probably many more here"


On 3/10/2021 at 11:14 PM, The Big Man said:

It's shit

"Again, your humor fails to resonate with me and probably many more here"

On 3/12/2021 at 1:53 AM, The Big Man said:

Picard occupies an unenviable class of shows I truly despise.

"Again, your humor fails to resonate with me ..



I suggest Hustler start a "Picard appreciation Thread".

I promise I will not post in it.

I can't speak for Drax, though.


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5 minutes ago, Giftheck said:

The teaser actually gives me "All Good Things" vibes. Almost as if it carries on from that.

Its a starting point since we last saw Q in the TNGverse. 

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40 minutes ago, JoeinAR said:

It does what a good teaser should do.


Remind me what a profound disappointment this show turned out to be? Huh.

20 minutes ago, Jay said:

Q was last seen in 3 Voyager episodes


He actually looks better here than he did on Voyager.

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3 hours ago, artguy360 said:

Picard is a show I want to like but I'm not sure I actually do. The final act of season one was quite disappointing. I don't care for the generally dark aesthetic.

I think that sums up my feelings on it too. I think I’m kinda in the “I don’t really want to know how he lived in retirement” camp. Better to imagine the crew setting off after the last movie to keep on trekking rather than dark elaborate adventures where every character has a new, miserable backstory grafted on for the period between when they last appeared on screen and when they appear in the show. The outcome of that story in Picard didn’t make a fat lot of sense either. I’ll watch it of course but will probably get way more out of the Orville these days…

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