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SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE - 3CD Set from La-La Land Records

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Well, pre-announces actually:     COMING SOON LIMITED EDITION (3-CD SET)

The 3rd disc contains a brand new rebuild of the 1978 OST album because it's an iconic album and everyone felt it should be included in the definitive release of this score.   When JW constr

Hey I just received My Superman set!   Wait... why the cover art is different?  

6 minutes ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

Is it looking like this is the best release yet @Jay?


I don't know much about the previous expansions.

As far as I know both 2000 and 2008 were taken from the same source. And these weren't first generation elements. Unlike this new release. Having said that, both older sets were already quite satisfying in terms of sound. But having heard the new samples, it appears the upgrade is more than justified.



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Oh a high res version of that other splash art is now available



Available to order now at www.lalalandrecords.com



Image may contain: 1 person, cloud and text



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12 minutes ago, Jay said:

In case anybody doesn't get the significance,


February 15, 2000 is when the Rhino 2CD set came out


February 15, 2008 is when the Blue Box came out


Image result for mindblown gif


Fantastic and surprising news!  Listening to samples now and they sound glorious!!!!  Thanks LLL and MM!!!!

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2 minutes ago, Jay said:

I don't know why you had that impression.


Oh, it was just a speculative post. ROTFLMAO


On 2/14/2019 at 4:28 PM, SyncMan said:

If that is true, I’m thinking that he is holding-off the release of the album because he’s under orders from Warner Bros to do so.  Perhaps, Warner Bros may make an announcement sometime in “late feb, early March” that would have something to do with “Superman-The Movie.”  But what?  Not a theatrical re-release because that was done in November.  Not a home video release because that was done in November, also.

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I really liked in the JAWS liner notes, Mike was given space to write about his experience working with the old masters and what he did with them.  I hope he has written something similar for these liner notes.


(I haven't seen them yet - I wasn't asked to proof read them, so don't blame any typos on me!)

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Not on Earth, maybe. But did you consider the fact that the electrical signals from the microphones on the recording sessions leaked, traveled millions of miles into space and was captured by alien spaceships and stored on 384kHz 32bit resolution, but the aliens sold it to Sony Music?


Side note, I watched "Contact" a few months ago. 😁

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I updated my existing Superman spreadsheet, don't hold it against me if I made any mistakes cause I did this quickly and won't be able to fix anything for a while



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31 minutes ago, ATXHusker said:

Thankfully this is only my 2nd time purchasing this score to go along with the Rhino release.

Same here! I've been listening to the terrific sound samples for the last few minutes... it will be pretty hard to resist buying what looks like a wonderful (definitive?) set. Fantastic job and labor of love from the guys at LLL once again, it seems.

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What a spectacular release this is. Iam so relieved that the OST 78 minute album has also been released. The set configuration is exactly how I wanted this to be. On a personal note both the movie and score were gateway to soundtrackdom for me. All this begins and ends with SUPERMAN for me. Let it be known, it's My favorite soundtrack in the world! 


Thank you to LLL and Mike Matessino. 





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46 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

Am I right in thinking the only track I should keep from the previous sets is the main title alternate?


Isn't that included here? 


3 hours ago, Jay said:

12 Prelude and Main Title (Alternate)  3:49


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