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Do you speak about JW on dates?

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My now wife didn’t even know who he was when we first met 😔. That should have been a red flag right there!

I was on a date once with a girl who grew up listening to soundtracks.   She knew damned near almost as much as me as we as we rattled off the old familiars such as Williams, Silvestri, Horn

Um, I take dates to JW concerts.  Does that count?

Certainly not early on, but it always comes up eventually. The same goes for new friends etc. The first chance for it to come up is usually when someone asks what music you like, and I usually run down a list of genres including film scores. If they ask more about that, then I have to mention JW of course, since he's by far my favorite film composer (DUH!). JW could also come up when talking about favorite films.


If it doesn't come up that way, then it typically comes up when talking about travel. I remember someone I went on only 3 dates with, but during that time I flew to Boston to see JW, so I ended up explaining to her that I'm a huge fan and go see him in Boston/Tanglewood every year etc. I've traveled a bunch of other places to see him too so that's likely to come up in conversation. A lot of the ladies I've dated like classical music, so their taste is pretty compatible with Williams' music.


The last person I dated had, miraculously, already seen JW live! Ugh she was a keeper wasn't she. Why am I just realizing this now.


Over the years I've managed to convince several friends and girlfriends to come to JW concerts. So yeah, it's such a big part of my life that I can't keep it to myself  :)   it's okay though, I like seeing what other people are passionate about even if I don't 100% relate to it, so I figure people will feel the same way about the things I care about. People's genuine excitement about the things they love can be infectious. Don't hide, JWFanners!

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In all seriousness, I don't date these days. I think the last date I was on was a Tinder blind date some 5 years ago.


If she asks what I'm doing, I'll say "I'm a journalist". If she asks in what, I'll specify with "I write freelance about film, and I run a web site about film music. So very niche/nerdy stuff". Something to that effect. If she's still interested after that, asking specifically about favourite composers, I might mention Williams. But it's not something I say right off the bat, nor will I go into long monologues about it. I tend to ask questions back and get the focus back on her.

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My last girlfriend and I used to listen to a lot of music, but it was mostly pop songs from stuff like Coldplay, Snow Patrol, U2, R.E.M... Easy listening music. Her favorite song was I think Linger by The Cranberries.


There was a couple of times where I sended film music for her to listen, I think it was JNH's The Village or something from Thomas Newman. But no, I never mentioned to her my love for John Williams, even though TROS was playing at the time. 

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Just now, GerateWohl said:

I am already grateful that my wife accepts hearing creepy action music on quiet weekend mornings.

And sometimes she listens to me smiling and nodding while I am talking about film music.

What else could I ask for?


Pretty much this

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1 minute ago, Edmilson said:


I imagine that a people who knows about Hans Zimmer is at least aware of John Williams...

You’d be surprised... usually when I speak to people they’ll mention HZ and then I’ll say “What about JW?” and they’ll give me a blank look and I’ll say “Star Wars... Harry Potter”, and they’ll be like “Oh yeah, I didn’t know his name”.

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I hooked up with a girl once two years ago because I overheard a conversation next to me about The Burbs, and tipsily butted in about how great Jerry Goldsmith was.


I also got a date four years ago when I was waiting for a flight to DC and saw a girl reading Ready Player One (reading it for the high school class she taught I discovered). I walked over to her and said, "Hey did you know Steven Spielberg and John Williams are making that into a movie?" No hook up or anything, but we ended up kissing in front of the White House.


Moral of the story, Williams and Goldsmith, good wingmen!

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15 hours ago, Alex said:

I think the biggest red flag is if you mention you like film scores and they say “Oh! Like Hans Zimmer?”


Reminds me of two conversations I had, both last weekend, with two different friends I met this year (thus they are still not fully educated on the subject of JW). The first one, the LotR scores came up and the guy said, "Oh, those are by Hans Zimmer, right?" and the other one, I was talking about JW and someone said "Didn't he do Lord of the Rings"?


We, on this forum, may be the only ones who know the true composer of Lord of the Rings, and which films exactly where composed by Hans Zimmer or John Williams.


Another common one is, somebody really likes a soundtrack but doesn't remember the composer.

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52 minutes ago, Chen G. said:

I have (or had, prior to lockdown) a friendship-bordering-on-the-vaguely-flirtatious relationship with a music student; so I believe Williams name came up in conversation once or twice.


Otherwise, hell no...


I just noticed your footer. What a nice laugh to start off the day! ROTFLMAO

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