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What composers and which scores kicked off your love for the soundtracks?

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21 hours ago, JNHFan2000 said:

For me it was Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl and more specifically the track 'One Last Shot'


A great soundtrack to start out with. I think the first movie has at least 7 main themes! 


I love pirate period thriller stuff like Pirates otC, Count of Monte Cristo and Monkey Island.

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And if you want to meet the generation who got hooked by JW with "The Reivers", it's there:

I'm turning 20 in two weeks

The first scores which opened my eyes to film music were Horner's American Tail scores.  I was a classical nerd who had thought that real music ceased to be written around 1920.

Then, I heard some John Williams (Far and Away) and Miklos Rozsa (Ben-Hur) on the radio.  I was super impressed.

And then I absolutely fell in love with Superman.  I was hooked.

The concert works of Rozsa and Williams are what led me to appreciate more challenging classical works as well.  

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In 1984, Temple of Doom in the cinema was the first time I took notice of the music and learned the name of the composer, John Williams. Later that year I saw Empire Strikes back for the first time in a rerun and stayed as the only person in the cinema over the whole end credits because I loved the music and wanted to listen until the end. Those 2 scores defined my Soundtrack hobby and are still among my favorites.

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