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Sadly Williams didn't approve the original cover art.  

I don't know wtf you guys are complaining about. You just need to zoom in a bit.  

Time until the LLL May flyer MIGHT appear:   And the absolute deadline for the LLL May flyer, barring some inexplicable delay:        

Monthly flyers always arrive at a random time during the work day. I don't even remember there being a Saturday one before

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29 minutes ago, Ollie said:

I think Williams head in place of the Death Star would have given it that final punch.



13 minutes ago, His Royal Noelness said:

He should be working on Irish time. The one correct time. 


Just because you're lucky to be so close to the prime meridian.

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Here's a direct link to the full banner image, since what was posted here was a screenshoot someone took



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