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Mangold: Indy 5 has "lotsa new themes"


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47 minutes ago, crocodile said:

A new Indiana Jones score by John Williams is just a couple of months away. How cool is that?




REALLY cool!!! It's starting to sink in now. I'm excited!!

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I'll support Williams the making one of his overthought albums if we get a concurrent digital (at least) release of most of the score.


Problem is, the more personal a project is to Williams (and given SW and Indy are original creations) the more likely he is to want to arrange it.


I just don't think he wants to give us a two-discer so soon after it comes out. I want badly to be proven wrong.

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Two discs but it's all concert pieces.

3 minutes ago, Jurassic Shark said:


In your dreams!


you're right: i will participate in the old hobby of finding needles in the needlestack. This Time It's Personal.

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23 minutes ago, Naïve Old Fart said:


We, however, are not a bunch of teenage fanboys. We are JWfan, and this information must be greeted with enthusiasm, tempered with the maturity and stoicism, that has become the benchmark of this most illustrious site fucking hell, I'm so up myself, and should be considered with respect, and - yes - even a little incredulity.

Only then will JWfaners be able to truly appreciate the score when it released... and if you believe that bullshit...

Didn't you tell me the same thing after I killed a bunch of Tusken raiders?   

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1 hour ago, Michael Grigorowitsch said:

At this point it seems some people don't want to enjoy this. This new soundtrack is going to be freakin awesome!!

You honestly think I DON'T want to enjoy it? It's one of my most antecipated film scores of the year! The reason of my comment is that by now I'm used with Williams' weird album choices that, in order to deliver a 75-minute album, major cues and themes are left out.


Unless, by some miracle, Mangold convices Williams to release a 2-hour album ("oh the horror, more music to listen, this is awful!", says the OST fanatics), some of the new themes may be left out of the official release and we'll depend of FYC, bootlegs, etc. That's how it has been for decades.

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5 hours ago, Edmilson said:

I dunno... I fear that some of these new themes will be left out of the OST. Kinda like Holdo's theme in TLJ, where it only appeared in the End Titles suite.

I was also heard in Chrome Dome

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1 hour ago, Bellosh said:

"lots wonderful new takes on classics too!"


Johnny bringing back the TLC nazi motif. Or the Raiders one?  Possibly in the flashback scenes?


Marion's theme?


Scherzo for Motorcyle and Orchestra?


British Fanfare from ToD...there's a clear British troops scene on the train tracks.


:w00t:  <--------- me

In all likelihood just the A and B versions of Indy's theme.  Maybe Marion's, if she makes an appearance.  

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26 minutes ago, Not Mr. Big said:

Which Tim and Eric thing is that from?


Beef House.


Can't recommend it enough.  On Cinema > Tim & Eric > Beef House in terms of his best stuff

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43 minutes ago, Cerebral Cortex said:


The fact that the action music from that 6 minute clip seemingly has multiple reprisals of previous action material does make me curious if perhaps Williams will decide to bring back the old Nazi themes for this last romp as well.

There's that little section in LC where Vogel is walking to Donovan's car, carrying a message. I just love that bit. It would nice to hear it, again.

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2 hours ago, Brónach said:

imagine temptracking an Indiana Jones movie for John Williams, i just can't


Just a reality of the industry nowadays. Modern directors find it helpful to convey the "musical mood" they want from composers.


That said, Mangold's extremely knowledgeable on the subject of film music (just listen to his podcast on the subject) so who knows what he temped the film with. It was probably a lot more eclectic than just JW music.

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I don't always approve of editing direct quotations, but the main page's revision to "lots of," has my full endorsement.  The original hurts my ears even when just silently read.  

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