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HOOK (1991) - NEW! 2023 3-CD Ultimate Edition Produced, Edited, and Mastered by Mike Matessino featuring all Williams/Bricusse songs


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33 minutes ago, BB-8 said:

I'm not really hooked by this witchy trailer music.

Oh, I didn't even listen to it, thanks! 


Now listen to THIS!


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2 hours ago, crumbs said:


That's essentially what disc 3 looks like; the original song recordings presented alongside the score's core thematic ideas, in chronological order. Even the OST version of Remembering Childhood made the assembly, which is a great touch (clearly Williams was partial to this track because it was ported to the previous LLL expansion as well).


Yeah, but for the "core thematic material", I already have the old Epic CD, which was already too long to begin with and is already more than enough for my need.  I'd rather just take out the songs from this set and create a new mini album out of it, perhaps using this set's cover art, or some custom one. Hopefully, we (i.e. IFMCA) will get a digital version of this set by the end of the year, so I can start fiddling around with it. Looking forward to hearing the songs that did NOT end up in the film. I'd be willing to keep the source cues, if they're fun. It would probably look like this, then:


 1. We Don’t Wanna Grow Up * 1:52
 2. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 1:10
 3. Childhood * 3:54
 4. When You’re Alone – Moira’s Lullaby * :46
  8. Low Below – Pirate Sequence * 4:58
 11. The Never Song * 2:04
 12. The Never-Band 1:20
 13. The Never-Feast 4:42
 15. Mothers * 2:26
 16. Stick With Me * 2:00
 19. Believe * 3:01


Total time: Approximately 28-29 minutes.

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HOOK is a milestone in Williams' career because it’s the first score of his after a long collaboration that wasn't orchestrated by Herbert W. Spencer, but John Neufeld. 

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OK breath, whoa....... Hook in Matessino's hands! Cannot wait for this and yes we need every detail from everyone involved PRONTO!!! LOL :lol: :wub:

And of course ORDERED 10 seconds after I woke up checked my phone and saw this! 

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7 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

I don't care about elements, I've got the Neverfeast insert. To hell with the rest. Sort of.


Exactly the same thought with my #1 grail a few years ago. Just needed the one cue!

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2 hours ago, QuartalHarmony said:

Indeed - I can't remember what the Prologue music ended up being used for, though I think it's been mentioned on here. Was it used on an obscure teaser, or was it intended for trailer use but never actually used?


There's this on YouTube, but they're unclear about whether it was actually released or not:


Yes, that teaser trailer absolutely was released with the "Prologue" music - I saw it in the theater years ago and was excited for the film and John Williams's score! 

The new LLL album looks magnificent  - what a sumptuous musical feast this will be! 

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 Ordered along with Sabrina


 I  made my Hook Score Playlist by selecting tracks from previous releases and bootlegs (especially for the Ultimate War cues) and I was pretty happy with it. I even managed to make a Never Feast insert edit that sounded pretty good from one of the concorde boot tracks that had it.


So right now I'm not as excited about this release as some others because I feel I already have a pretty decent and complete listening experience for this score and I generally don't care much for songs . But I just hope this release somehow tops it and they didn't use MP3 leaks to make it ( although it's still much better than the film stems used in the previous release). 

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46 minutes ago, crumbs said:


The previous 2CD version would be 100% redundant, unless you want the Prologue running at the wrong speed and a bunch of low quality film stem tracks :lol:

I actually really like the prologue at that wrong speed. I heard it like that first and it just... sounded natural.

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I’m curious how the different sections are divided. Additional music are album versions? Bonus tracks are…? I’m certain the booklet will have this information too I’m just curious


it also could be in this thread somewhere. I haven’t had time to read it every thing properly

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I love the splash art but somehow the cover is less than I expected. In thumbnail form it'll especially be a bit too dark and indistinct, maybe the title cpuld've been filled with some colour or the borders thickened.

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2 hours ago, BB-8 said:

Is there already a spreadsheet where we can compare tracklists between the previous 2 CD edition of Hook and the new one?


Jay did a spreadsheet with the prior versions so hopefully he will update it - or already has ;)


2 minutes ago, Holko said:

I love the splash art but somehow the cover is less than I expected. In thumbnail form it'll especially be a bit too dark and indistinct, maybe the title cpuld've been filled with some colour or the borders thickened.


Someone here posted a custom cover a year or two ago as a joke. It was actually a terrific cover, wish I could remember who it was - Crumbs perhaps?

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51 minutes ago, Jay said:


We included Prologue in the samples provided on La-La Land's website, so that everyone would know that it plays at the correct speed 




We also made sure all 12 major themes (the six that started life as songs and the six that came after) are represented. I think every sample except Banning Back Home and The Lost Boy Chase feature at least one of the score's twelve themes. 


Also, you can hear Prologue (Extended Version) in this video

Sounds amazing!

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23 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

I dunno... The Hunt comes to mind.

"That music that was dialed out of the film in The End of Hook has got to be the most thrilling bit of Williams unused short section of music ever"



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1 hour ago, Sandor said:

You Are The Pan from the original 1991 soundtrack release has always been one of my favorite John Williams compositions. I know it was editorially created combining two cues from the score, but it worked so organically and powerful. I consider it one of Williams' smartest and most effective producing decisions. 


The version on the Expanded Soundtrack in particular which featured the choral version of The Face Of Pan instead of the purely orchestral one that was included on the original soundtrack, has appeared in my Top 10 favorite Williams' pieces for years now.



The only thing missing from the Ultimate Edition -but this is probably a completely personal sentiment- is the You Are The Pan/The Face Of Pan construction I've been familiar with since 1991.


I just love those religioso elements!

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My big question of this new set would be if that big sword fight cue towards the end of the Ultimate Way is still abruptly cut in half into separate cues  like it was on the previous Lala set. Hope not.

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20 minutes ago, GerateWohl said:

Interesting that Hook has become such a fan favourite,

I remember, when it came out, the score had a reputation of an average work of Williams on autopilot.

We were so spoiled at that time.


Some weirdos still say HP1 is just boring autopilot too. Most new scores get a weird semi-backlash on arrival as far as I've seen, mostly because people expect them to be like the 77-84 JWs or something.

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1 minute ago, Holko said:

And now it's slightly overrated!











Just now, MrJosh said:

Wow, what a beautiful moment this is. To know that Hook has received the thorough treatment and love it deserves to have! I can't wait to sit down and enjoy this massive amount of fantastic score. 


I'm so glad and surprised that Williams was okay with including the songs & source music! 


I can't wait to dig into the two booklets!!!

<iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/8dYmJ6Buo3lYY" width="480" height="352" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/baby-story-reading-8dYmJ6Buo3lYY">via GIPHY</a></p>

widthhy.com/embed/" width="480" height="352story-readin" 8dYmJ6Buo3lYY></iframe><p><a href="GIPHYphy.com/gifs/baby-g-8dYmJ6Buo3lYY">via </a></p>

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