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    Leaing up to this, I had basically no hype or major interest, knew I'd give it a try anyway but none of the trailers and stuff really tickled me. After this episode, I was mildly curious to see how it continues, where they're taking it. After listening to the mini-OST about 5 times: Hell yeah, bring it on! More of this, now!
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    Disney will transfer JW's consciousness to an artificial body, so he will be able to continue scoring Star Wars movies for the whole eternity!
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    The Rock - hugely enjoyable slam-bang actioner, from a time before Michael Bay's overblown directorial style had worn thin and before Nic Cage would just agree to be in any old crap. Also features Mr Connery in a sort of 'pensioner Bond' part and Ed Harris as a disillusioned military veteran who's the 'big bad'.
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    The music may work well within the show but listening to the soundtrack for episode 1 right now, I see no reason to ever listen to this again on its own. It is just not compelling or musically interesting enough to hold my attention in the way that all JW SW music and other non-JW SW music does. So far, I rank this far below Rogue One and even further below Solo.
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    There’s a lengthy sequence in this movie where DeNiro’s character gets sort of a lifetime achievement/appreciation gala thing that is about as confidently directed, written, acted, edited a piece of filmmaking as I’ve seen. The fact that it’s centered around three long private conversations with Pacino/Pesci, then Pesci/DeNiro, and finally DeNiro/Pacino, plus Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker doing their thing using the music and dancing of the event and its speech-making as interludes....it just screamed instant classic movie scene to me. Aesthetically, dramatically, emotionally, it earns that. Somewhere in the middle of it I started to feel really excited and moved that I was watching something of that caliber in a brand new movie in a movie theater in 2019. The movie as a whole struck me as imperfect but with the vitality of what I would reasonably call essential cinema. I don’t say that lightly...it just feels like a movie that won’t be ignored in the legacies of Scorsese, DeNiro, Pacino, and therefore frankly in the history of Hollywood and American crime movies. I don’t think that’s hyperbole, Scorsese mentioned he was looking for something to enrich and enlighten what he’d done with DeNiro in the 70s-90s and it’s a triumph to that end. They’re not playing the hits. I was worried it’d feel stale but it’s totally alive, surprisingly hilarious and enjoyable, but also the most internal film they’ve made together. In some ways it plays like a damning critique of mob movies and their fetishization in the culture.
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    I've never understood this aspect of fundraising. PBS annoys the crap out of me for doing it. How is the cash equivalent of all those CDs not equal to or in excess of the sum of money you need to run this site? Did you buy those CDs for donation? Or are they gifts from the labels in exchange for friendship and Red Sox tickets?
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    Continuation of the series... @Pellaeon found a hi-res version of Roger Kastel's "Style A" poster for Empire, and it works quite nicely actually. The same with Kazuhiko Sano's "Style B" for Jedi, I used the half sheet version and extended the sides, I also had to remove an awful watermark right across the center of the poster And added The Rise of Skywalker, though I had to move some characters on the poster:
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    Who is the Gungan who will risk his life for his brother Gungan? Binks. Can you dig it? Who's the Gungan who won't cop out, when there's danger all about? J. Binks. You're damn right!
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    The original link is dead. Here is one from Richman's Youtube channel:
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    Very interesting that this premiere episode is only 38 minutes long. My bet is that there's going to be considerable variation in episode lengths. Something that's only getting more common the further we go into the streaming age.
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    Hello! For those who may not know, JWFan relies entirely on donations to keep running. Donations pay for our server bills, as well as keeping our domain and Invision Powerboard fees. As an incentive to donate, I am offering a series of free CDS to anyone who donates over a certain amount! Last year, the raffle was a big hit, where I raised $500 (our goal) and mailed out 3 free CDs to lucky JWFanners. This time I'll be doing the raffling the same way! Our goal is $500 once again, and I will have four tiers of free CDs you can win once again. The more you donate, the more entries into each raffle you'll get! Each $10 you donate gets your name put into the raffle mug once for the $10 pool, twice for the $20 pool, thrice for the $30 pool, and five times into the $50 pool. Here is the list of CDs you can win - and I have more to add at a later time when I get a little more organized (I'll post what they are by Friday at the latest) The $10 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you one ticket into this pool) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $100 donated Tyler Bates - God of War; Ascension (OST, La La Land Records) Danny Elfman - Planet of the Apes (OST, Sony) Christopher Lennertz - Identity Thief (OST, La La Land Records) Dave Holmes & Various - Ocean's 11 (OST, WB Records) Joel McNeely & Various - Hollywood '94 (Varese Sarabande) Joe Kraemer - Jack Reacher (OST, La La Land Records) The $20 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you two ticket into this pool, must donate at least $20 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $200 donated John Barry - First Love (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - The Challenge (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - Link (OOP Intrada Edition) Jerry Goldsmith - The Red Pony (Varese) Jerry Goldsmith - Poltergeist II: The Other Side (2013 Kritzerland Edition) Trevor Jones - Nate and Hayes (La La Land) Alan Silvestri - Dutch (La La Land) Shirley Walker - Willard (La La Land) John Williams - Family Plot (Varese Sarabande) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer The $30 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you three ticket into this pool, must donate at least $30 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $300 donated James Horner - Gorky Park (OOP Kritzerland Edition) James Newton Howard - Outbreak (2CD, Varese Deluxe Edition) Trevor Jones - Cliffhanger (OOP Intrada Edition) John Williams - Jane Eyre (OOP, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer The $50 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you five ticket into this pool, must donate at least $50 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $500 donated Jerry Fielding - The Wild Bunch (3CD, FSM) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer All shipping will be paid by me to anywhere in the world! I will pull names from a hat for each pool, and you get to pick whatever CD set you want if I pull your name! To be eligible, leave your JWFan username in the comments area of your donation. If you want to donate but not be in the running for a free CD, mention that in the comment. Use this link or the link on the mainpage. Thank you! Jason, Ricard, and Andreas. UPDATE: In June, we collected $300 of our $500 goal, so only have $200 to go. All CDs will be mailed out once we hit the goal!
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    I am sure RCP will present the board with a more economically advantageous option. A smart film scoring app that will render composers obsolete. A transfered consciousness of Lorne Balfe.
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    As long as they keep making Star Wars trailers, John Williams will always be...a Star Wars composer Variety: “Even at 175 years old and dead, John Williams continues to write amazing Star Wars music, as evidenced by the trailer for Episode XXI. Note how he mashed up Rey’s Theme with The Imperial March! Those classic Star Wars synth BWOMPs! Amazing!”
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    Also, isn't it easier to just re-order a product than asking the pressing plants to repress discs with different contents? I'll never understand why people look at frequencies either...
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    Exactly, and they would risk getting hundreds of claims about replacements from the nerds who's already got the set.
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    You just got another follower.
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    Di$ney+ takes no big risks to musically offend their Netflix-educated audience. Apart from a main motif that amusingly recalls Bill Conti's 'Gonna Fly Now' what we get here is mostly solid sound design with only one or two cues with a recognizable narrative ('You Are A Mandalorian', 'The Mandalorian'). Now it's only 25 minutes long so there might me something better in store, so let's wait and hear it.
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    There's some nice lore with the Mandalorians throughout Clone Wars and Rebels @Disco Stuwhich also makes Filoni's involvement fitting. Given the shows timeline it would be nice to see one of the Rebels character - a Mandalorian too - given a cameo.
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    I really like this new trend of releasing music every week for every new episode. For example, a season of a TV show with 8 - 10 episodes, considering 30 minutes of music per episode, we have 240 - 300 minutes of score per season (4h to 5h). So, considering an 70 - 90 minutes OST album, you still will have about 3h of unreleased music. But, with small score releases every episode (even if it's just 15 - 25 minutes of music), the amount of unreleased score for the whole season decreases. And this is not just mathemathics: one small release per episode allows the music fans analyze more carefully the work the composer has done on each episode, wheter it's an interesting performance of a theme, a bigger orchestra, unusual instruments for the introduction of a character, etc. Of course, if they want to, by the end of every season they can release a more traditional album with the musical highlights. But still, this is a very interesting thing that I hope it will become more common.
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    This magnificent feast here represents the last of the petty cash.
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    Do you think Williams is going to give us a 10 minute version of Crimebuster?
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    If you’ve noticed they’re mostly the same CDs each year. Freebies or extra copies Jay is willing to giveaway in exchange for donations. Of course any one of us can purchase these titles outright for less money, but the ultimate point is to support the site.
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    It’s my little secret. I’ll tell you after the movie’s out.
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    Mike explained it, it wasn't a lossy source in regards to PoA.
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    Aren't the cutoffs of this sort basically inaudible to humans? If the problem were more prominent, such as like the lossy first issue of Thomas Bergersen's American Dream, which was a huge screw-up, then for a £100 box it would be unacceptable, but for something that we can't even hear it's easily let go.
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    Cerebral Cortex

    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Incredible work as usual, my man. Thanks for sharing with the community.
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    I agree with you there about the importance of ranking nuance. Though I wonder if they might've believed asking for ranks would give too much societal pressure, ie. "What? you think x composer is better than Bach and Beethoven?" so the composer being polled would just put these two 1st as to not cause embarassment or overthink it, having this fake/societal fear of being viewed incompetent. Even better would be to make their ranks unknown/anonymous to the public, so they might stay true to their personal rankings. Non-rank didn't seem to make the list more true/interesting anyway, it still yields popular composers in the top: Bach, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Mozart. Many of us have a tendency to want to put the popular go-to choices higher than our own favorites, to sound "objective." I'm openly honest about my praise of Borodin and John Williams over other composers. That's why I'm on this forum, because music is subjective and based in evolutionary biology. If we wanted Beethoven's opinion on the best composer, he wouldn't say "Beethoven," so why would Williams do the same; it's up to every individual to decide their favorites. Hopefully others think a similar way about their favorites, making ranking preferable in gaining a better overall census. Even within John Williams, we can't all agree on the best pieces.
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    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    https://lalalandrecords.com/terminator-dark-fate-limited-edition/ https://lalalandrecords.com/dveselu-putenis-blizzard-of-souls/
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    You know there's bound to be die-hard SW nutters out there who MUST study these official 4K releases asap!
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    I love that Lucas has one final troll for the fanboys. Beautiful.
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    Disco Stu

    Ludwig Göransson's THE MANDALORIAN

    I love this starting at 0:36. That is just really cool. Finally we get a jaw harp in a Star Wars score! EDIT: I posted my first listen thoughts here:
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    The original trilogy and prequel trilogy now also have the 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare restored on the Disney+ versions.
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    The major Norwegian CD store that's left, platekompaniet.no. Now the special discount has ended, so the price has increased to $44 + shipping. Still much cheaper than elsewhere, though. And their packaging is much sturdier than Amazon's! https://www.platekompaniet.no/cd/john-williams-conductor/
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    Whenever I grow a bit tired of speculation, I imagine someone reading all our anticipation threads five or ten years from now, and envying us---those who had the joy of not knowing and speculating together, and then would experience the joy of being surprised by and knowing the final Star Wars score, and be there to celebrate the immediate excitement together like a big Ewok party. This feels very final to me. Maybe we will still have the chance to follow, speculate about, and cherish a new Indiana Jones score of the 89 years old Williams; or maybe not. Maybe this is the last film score ever of the great John Williams.
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    I answered all the questions. I hope the movie does not feel as exhausting.
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    Ludwig Göransson's THE MANDALORIAN

    Ahh, from the Zimmer PR & self-promotion toolkit.
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    It is one of his more prominently mixed scores in recent times but I think that is what Spielberg was going for - an oldfashioned feel with loudly mixed music. And hey, it's all good when the music is this good. It's also rare that you actually get to listen to the score in the cinema. I actually saw both this and Tintin twice in the cinema just to listen to the score again in context.
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    The Deal Or No Deal Thread

    Its deeply fascination how personal you take this criticism and how much the British in general have completely lost their self-depricating sense of humour when it comes to BREXIT. Even years later.
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    The Illustrious Jerry

    the mstrox thread

    Today we hold in our hearts the lives of all those who fought for our freedom; veterans, living or deceased, and those still in service. We remember and honor them both today and always for their bravery and great sacrifice.
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    In Jeff's latest episode of "The Baton", I joined him as a co-host to discuss one of JW's most underrated scores, The Fury https://thebatonpodcast.podbean.com/e/episode-48-the-fury/ It was lovely to be a guest of Jeff's show, he's very dedicated to this thorough job. I look forward to join him in other episodes in the future!
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    If you are ever looking for some one to join you on your Raiders, Temple of Doom or Last Crusade episodes, hit me up! -Erik-
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    Oh, no! Not again?!
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    Aww, don't encourage them! Say what you want, but Ross instilled a level of liveliness and enthusiasm in COS that Stone really lacks.
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    Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    Could it be that wojo is ...
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    I'm not into Jeans, but for women, a Jeans mini skirt is a classic.
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    Ludwig Göransson's THE MANDALORIAN

    They'll probably be relieved he won't be involved again.
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