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    DISC 1 77:57 THE FILM SCORE PRESENTATION 1 Main Title 1:14 2 Far From Home / E.T. Alone 6:57 3 Bait for E.T. 1:45 4 Meeting E.T. 2:08 5 E.T.’s New Home 1:28 6 The Beginning of a Friendship 2:53 7 Toys 3:13 8 I’m Keeping Him 2:20 9 E.T.’s Powers 2:44 10 The Closet * :53 11 E.T. and Elliott Get Drunk 2:57 12 Frogs 2:12 13 At Home 5:38 14 The Magic of Halloween 2:55 15 Sending the Signal 3:58 16 Searching for E.T. 4:18 17 Invading Elliott’s House 2:24 18 Stay With Me * 2:24 19 Losing E.T. 2:04 20 E.T. Is Alive 4:22 21 The Rescue and Bike Chase 8:07 22 The Departure 7:07 23 End Credits 3:55 DISC 2 78:42 THE 1982 SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 1 Three Million Light Years From Home 3:01 2 Abandoned and Pursued 3:02 3 E.T. and Me 4:54 4 E.T.’s Halloween 4:11 5 Flying 3:25 6 E.T. Phone Home 4:21 7 Over the Moon 2:12 8 Adventure on Earth 15:10 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 9 The E.T. Adventure * 4:12 10 Far From Home / E.T. Alone (alternate) ** 7:00 11 The Encounter * 1:49 12 Meeting E.T. (alternate) * 2:20 13 E.T.’s New Home (alternate) 1:27 14 The Kiss * :49 15 Levitation * :41 16 Searching for E.T. (alternate) 4:19 17 Invading Elliott’s House (alternate) ** 2:24 18 E.T. Is Dying 2:24 19 The Departure (alternate) 7:06 20 End Credits (alternate) 3:55 Total Album Time: 2:36:39 ** Contains previously unreleased music * Previously unreleased music
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    News from someone in attendance at the CE3K 40th anniversary discussion panel
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    I heard Spielberg shot an alternate ending with E.T.'s ship getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle (which would lead to a sequel). Since he didn't use it, it might explain the missing triangle as he would like to remove any reference.
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    The Force Awakens - Theme Analysis

    Hi all, I've now completed a blog post analyzing the musical meaning of the themes from The Force Awakens. http://www.filmmusicnotes.com/themes-and-their-musical-meaning-in-star-wars-episode-vii-the-force-awakens/ Enjoy!
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    This is a collection of essays by nearly 20 authors, myself included. It covers a wide range of topics on Williams and I think for that reason will have a pretty broad appeal. I worked for nearly a year researching for my chapter because I studied the structure of his main themes and their associations, which of course required me to actually watch all of his movies that have an original main theme. Many thanks to Emilio for putting this all together and spearheading a much needed body of writings that focuses squarely on Williams' music.
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    I'll just be grateful if he scores Star Wars IX in 2 years!
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    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    It's weird, having not seen Rian's film, but I feel so assured by his vision as a filmmaker that I'd rather he return over Abrams. For a JW fanboy, I was very disappointed by JJ's treatment of the score in TFA. From all the edits to the quiet mix, the score got very few opportunities to shine in the final mix (and boy has JW made his disapproval clear, with constant digs at TFA's mix during performances of Scherzo for X-Wings, edited into oblivion and practically inaudible in the film). Abrams also comes across as a pain in the ass, and probably the reason JW wrote half of TFA twice. He didn't have a clear vision, couldn't make decisions on tone and expected JW to "find" the film for him -- until what he found was wrong and needed a re-write (Jakku Village, Han Solo's death, Parade Grounds cue, possible prototype Jedi Steps, etc.) I'm curious to hear how much music Williams recorded for TLJ, but I'm confident it won't be close to 3 hours.
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    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    http://www.thewrap.com/colin-trevorrow-exits-of-star-wars-episode-ix/ Well well well
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    The Doctor

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    And he'll look at his desk and see this while Williams provides a somber rendition of The Adventures of Mutt:
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    There will be a legal battle between Williams's lawyers insisting on "Composed and Conducted" and Disney. The credit on the cover will be dropped altogether as a result, and Williams will be fired from Ep. 9.
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    You just don't want it to be included because if it was included, then you wouldn't know in which category you should list this release on your website!
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    Stumbled upon this one the other day of a pic taken during the recording of Superman and I had never seen it before. From left to right, you have Eric Tomlinson (the music mixer), film director André De Toth, Ilya Salkind, Christopher Reeve, John Williams, Richard Donner. Kinda neat. And I also stumbled upon this rather humorous image someone posted on Twitter regarding a glitch in their radio stream, which I found amusing:
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    You're way overthinking.... everything.
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    Yes! Like Indiana Jones!
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    John Williams is a wonderful melodist who is so full of great and iconic tunes. Also important is his harmonic language. I don't know if any film composer working today with a more sophisticated harmonic skill set and it is arguable JW's harmonic vocabulary is significant not just in terms of current composers but all film composers ever. What are examples where you would consider his still, talent, craftsmanship, and genius are most evident in terms of harmony or harmonic progression (one chord to the next)? For me, some of my all time favorite harmonies are heard in the last act of Empire Strikes Back. Such as this: Where we have heroic melodies juxtaposed with very unstable/precarious harmonies. The unease is so well captured here. That one "off note" in the chord so much changes the feel of the tension to me. Also notice the chord progressions against the pedal tone that starts at 5:12. Is this despair? Hope? Heroism? Mysticism? Fear? Mythology? It is all of that in just a few seconds. Then more here: It would be so easy for a composer to omit the 2nd, 4th, 6th, or 7th note that adds so much more sense of drama to these few seconds and also not knowing how to dramatically use these notes (where in there register will affect the feel). Jazz uses 6th and 7th notes frequently but will perhaps not double that note (forcing an emphasis) or will place them in mid register (again blending the impact). I really believe this sophisticated use of harmony and not melody is what makes JW stand apart from imitators. Meanwhile, he's a freaking brilliant melodist, structuralist, dramatist, etc. What are other examples of his harmonic chops par excellence?
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    That entire post is ludicrous! The History of the Ring theme... not a theme.... my god, what has this place come to!
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    SlashFilm editor/reporter mentions reactions he's heard from people who have seen The Last Jedi
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    I'm sorry, but only one Williams score gets to be called "Empire" on its own and it ain't "of the Sun."
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    I'm just glad the music situation essentially hasn't changed. Williams will get first dibs, otherwise it's Giacchino. In a way, I'm a little relieved that it's gone back to JJ since there's not really the same excitement or curiosity here as with a new collaborator. We kinda know the drill so while I want Williams to finish the saga, we already have a John Williams score for a JJ Abrams-directed Star Wars movie. It's easier to look at this one as just a nice bonus. And if worst comes to worst, then I'm at least glad the sequel trilogy is 2/3 Williams. Considering Giacchino was always on deck for TFA as well, I prefer that he'd be coming off of a foundation here, and I'd much rather have him directed by Abrams than Trevorrow, considering Abrams is personally invested in the new material and has insight into how Williams approached it. There's a better chance that they'd be more conscious of finding places for all that stuff, whereas who knows how Trevorrow would have wanted it. Abrams writing/directing, in general, I'm fine with it. He made the bed, might as well make him sleep in it. I liked TFA and actually found that his reverence for Star Wars brought out more restraint in his direction than usual, so I'm hoping he'll want to give this some suitably slower "final" quality to it. Not expecting the greatest answers to the questions of TFA, and as far as the inevitable "poetry" with ROTJ goes, I'm pretty indifferent. Hoping for more surprises but the only thing that would really make me think "Alright, fuck this guy" is a fourth Death Star.
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    Jaws. He could have gone with just one note, but he went the extra mile with two.
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    Nashville concert photos (Credit: Kurt Heinecke)
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    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Bye Bye Trevorrow, the mouse has spoken!
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    Ideally they should all disapear like in the BTTF photo!
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    It's so weird, though, because if anything Rian Johnson would seem like the most unique and independent voice and his movie has gone off without a hitch, production-wise.
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    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    The best thing about KOTCS was that it ended. Karol
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    Thank you Dear Basketball!
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    So long as Williams can lift that pencil, he will not allow anyone else to write music for Daisy. Giacchino may find an uncomfortably placed baton if he even attempts to muscle-out Johnny from the Skywalker films.
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    Hehehe... Just saw this on Imgur, titled "Tyrions long lost twin they never talked about"
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    I just got back from the rehearsal. A really good program. More...
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    Yes! Jim Titus knocks it out of the park AGAIN!
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    Oh my gosh! Complete E.T., complete Close Encounters, a new Star Wars score and a new Spielberg drama score... all in the next 3.5 months! What a time to be alive. Certainly dulls any disappointment of Williams passing on Ready Player One (which makes perfect sense if he wanted a break before starting Star Wars IX). Huge thanks to @La La Land Records and Mike Matessino. I know you're all tireless behind the scenes lobbying for these scores, we couldn't be more grateful of all the work you do.
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    Will ET have teeth on the booklet?
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    Complete E.T. and CEO3K coming! Nirvana!
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    Feels like I'm composing nothin' at all! Nothin' at all! Nothin' at all!
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    Also, Williams weaving in the themes for Rey, Kylo Ren, and the Force is what makes the music a vital part of the action. I love what Williams did and leave Stravinsky alone! Seriously, it's one of my favorite cues on the OST. Love those low brass statements of Rey's theme.
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    John Williams - Star Tours

    For anyone who has gone on Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, I have a guide that identifies exactly what cues score which sequences in the ride. John Williams expressed great interest in doing the music for the ride; the Disney Imagineers were very enthusiastic about the maestro being involved in the project (for obvious reasons). However, after evaluating the ride's sequences, he decided that a new musical score was not necessary. Instead, John Williams suggested that the music should be the original scores from the saga, with pre-recorded passages from the scores that he and his music editor found. So, John Williams hand selected the cues to be used for each sequence; all of the cues score each sequence perfectly, too. Takeoff sequence: 1.) Encountering Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers - The Imperial March (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back), Bail's Escape (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith), The Clash of Lightsabers (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back). Escaping the TIE Fighters and making the jump to light speed - The Death Star (Episode IV: A New Hope). 2.) Encountering Stormtroopers near the Millennium Falcon - Imperial Attack (Episode IV: A New Hope). Escaping and making the jump to light speed - TIE Fighter Attack (Episode IV: A New Hope). First planet sequence: 1.) Hoth sequence - Attacking a Star Destroyer (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back). 2.) Tatooine sequence - Sail Barge Assault (Alternate Version) (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi). 3.) Kashyyck sequence - The Forest Battle (Concert Suite) (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi). 4.) Jakuu sequence - The Falcon (Episode VII: The Force Awakens) Transmission sequence: 1.) Princess Leia - The Hologram (Episode IV: A New Hope). Jump to light speed - Shootout In the Cell Block (Episode IV: A New Hope). 2.) Admiral Ackbar - Learn About the Force (Episode IV: A New Hope). 3.) Yoda - Yoda Into Exile (Episode III: Revenge of the SIth). 4.) BB-8 - unused cue associated with BB-8 (Episode VII: The Force Awakens) Second planet sequence: 1.) Coruscant sequence - Get' Em R-2! (Episode III: Revenge of the SIth), Boys Into Battle (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith), Chasm Crossfire (Episode IV: A New Hope), Shootout In the Cell Block (Episode IV: A New Hope). 2.) Naboo sequence - Detention Block Ambush (Episode IV: A New Hope), Passage Through the Planet Core (Episode I: The Phantom Menace), Crash Landing (Episode I: The Phantom Menace), Sail Barge Assault (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi). 3.) Death Star orbiting Geonosis sequence - The Asteroid Field (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back), The Death Star (Episode IV: A New Hope), End Title (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi), End Title (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back). Exit music - End Title (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi). If anyone would like to add on this by identifying the cues that play at the entrance outside as you wait in line, you are more than welcome.
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    Honest mistake...
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    Williams could approach Luke quite a few ways, which makes it really exciting. Luke's Theme is one of the few SW themes in major, and if most of his scenes are solemn and dour then it'll be interesting to see how much he can actually use that theme. He might prefer the Force Theme. Might he deconstruct Luke's Theme and only present it in fragments, representing that Luke isn't the character we remember? And as the film progresses and Rey brings him back, gradually his theme becomes more 'complete', exploding in its fullest glory by the climax? Or could he avoid Luke's Theme altogether (barring the opening and closing) and assign something else, like Jedi Steps, as his new theme? And all the while developing Rey's musical journey in tandem. I think there'll be something very special for their scenes (given the religioso, mystical element to their island) and he will somehow link their two identities into something new & combined -- which will only mature by the third act when (presumably) shit goes down between the two.
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    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Sometimes people talk about Star Wars like it was a Tarkovsky saga before it was taken over by the evil Disney goons. And please save your analysis on my tastes and your broad generalizations on who is interested in these movies. Star Wars was never a director centric franchise. It was always a deeply colaborative product, probably to a greater extent to most movies, in the sense that the artistic contributions of several individuals are probably more recognized that in any other movie project I'm aware of. People talk about the fan service in TFA, but it was Lucas himself that made Yoda friends with Chewbacca in ROTS and gave us the most cringe worthy fanboyish "fuck yeah" moment of all time with Yoda dueling Palpatine. Disney gave the keys to the kingdom to a pretty much indie director, with no big hits under his belt and no large budget experience. They allowed Rian Johson to write the movie on his own. By all accounts, they offered him the same job for IX. A director which I find has a very interesting voice. These movies supply JW with a fantastic canvas to play with. So I'm excited about these movies. I?m hoping for some really fun pulpy adventures with mythic grandeur to them. If they don't deliver, they don't. But I'm still excited and actually optimistic. Plus, this new saga is something I'm actually enjoying sharing all the build up and expectation with some friends. Particularly the ones much younger than me, like Miguel's son. So I'll save the cynism for a bunch of all other things in my life
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    The first thing I downloaded on Napster was Back To The Future Theme by John Williams, then I also download The Legend Of Zelda Main Theme by the same guy, both in glorious 128KBPS MP3 high-quality. Took forever for the downloads to complete, but it was worth it.
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    The official Alexandre Desplat thread

    lol Started watching this with the Youtube subtitles on and when he started naming the composers he admires, here's what appeared on the subtitles: Delerue = Delivery Duhamel = via mail Debussy = WC
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    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Kathleen Kennedy going from mild-mannered film producer to one of the most powerful and ruthless women in Hollywood is the greatest story arc since Walter White
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    And you know who else is available?
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    Disco Stu

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    I think it's unfair to take the motivations of CEOs/executives and project them on the incredibly passionate artisans who actually make the movies. And I'm including a hell of a lot more people than just Williams. Every person who worked on TFA is, I'm sure, incredibly proud of their creative efforts from actors to CG artists. (Not saying movies should be free from criticisms, I've just never found "it was only made for the money" particularly effective as one)
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    - Disco Stu asks how to block users - told to go to their profile - "Disco Stu, Viewing Profile: Evil-Lyn" - I am Sherlock Holmes
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    This message brought to you from the good folks at La-La Land.